Pete Wright

  • does anybody have any idea what happend to the bass player pete wright,where is he now,is he still in america,whats he up to?somebody please help :thumbup:

  • hi do you no what he was doing 3 or 4 years ago when he was living there,it might help with my search,thanks

  • Pete was at the Dallas Tommy Bolin Tribute show in 1999. I spoke to him briefly, and had him sign a Trapeze album he was on. I honestly can't remeber what it is he was doing. As I remember, he still played but had another profession. I do know that he was really dissappointed that he didn't get to talk to Glenn more. He spoke to him briefly at the greet and meet table and was led to believe that they would talk more later...and that didn't happen. Sorry I can't be of any help! I think he knew Rocky Athas- you might jump over to Rocky's site and ask someone there (webmaster-is).

  • OMG.....that is incredible considering how many people were killed...only 27 survivors out of 163 passengers and crew. I was living in San Antonio back then; I am sure you are referring to the August 1985 crash of a Delta Airlines L-1011 that was caused by windshear in a storm system...pushed the jet right into the ground basically.

    I can't even begin to imagine what an experience that was....

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  • Absolutely! Pete had got American citizenship when he married an American girl who was an air stewardess, (they later divorced), and when he left the band I believe he became a full-time bartender in San Antonio!

    I was watching the TV news that evening when some of the survivers were being interviewed at the scene and there was Wrighty telling the US TV reporter what had happened. You can imagine my surprise. As you can see I now live in Kingswinford, the town where Pete hails from, and where I believe his family still live.

  • In fact there were 29 survivors from that crash. There were 167 passengers and crew altogether.


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