Happy Anniversary

  • Hi Trooper. Happy 9th anniversary!

    -Fender Classic Player '50s Sunburst Strat
    -Fender 1988 MIJ STM Strat
    -Fender 2003 American Standard Olympic White Strat
    -Fender 2003 Highway One Sunburst Strat
    -Fender 2015 Deluxe Roadhouse Vintage White Strat
    -Warmoth Purple Black Burst Strat
    -Ibanez 1990 RG560 Grape Ice
    -Ibanez 2006 Prestige BTB1206E NTF 6 String Bass
    -Ibanez 2007 JEM7VWH
    -Ibanez 2013 UV70P-BK
    -Almansa A-413F Flamenco
    -NK Headless Purple Blue Burst

  • Sending my best wishes to you both,
    on your "9th Wedding Anniversary."

    :rose:___:rose:___:rose:___:rose:___ :rose:___:rose:___:rose:___:rose:___:rose:

    Gabi ~ Thanks so much for all that you do for the GHCPs:
    taking photos to keep us up to date with Glenn's schedule,
    videos, (especially the great one of Glenn's parents in the UK)
    but even more so, always being so charming to us gang of
    GH Crazy People. All of us who've met you, know what I'm
    talking about.

    Holding down the fort while "The Happy Wanderer" takes off for
    concerts around the world, and for being the type of person who
    considers it to be more important to save an animal, than to worry
    about cat or dog fur on the couch.

    Oh yeah......and for being the best thing that ever happened
    to that guy who walks the dogs.

    Glenn ~ Just repeat "Yes, dear." a lot, and you should do OK.

    Have a great Anniversary/Thanksgiving/vacation! :hi5:


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