• Whatever it is, it's sure to be good! Glenn, you just get better and better... thank's for all the great new music you've been creating, we're all extremely grateful. P.S. I'm not sure what the status is between you and JJ but I just want to say, he is an amazing compliment to your music and I hope he will be gracing your future creations!

    nothing works like a smile...

  • I've got visions of a bunch of Glenn Hughes Crazy People pilgramaging over to Malibu in January and hiding out in the bushes to catch a glimpse of whats going on!

    Anyone in the bushes? :D


  • It would be a supergroup if JJ was back playing guitar..but Joe B. is a fantastic guitar player...he is one of the best guitar players around with incredible gear and tone and chops.

    I might have almost passed my own Glennuis Book of World Record song repeats last night, when I listened to the song "Let It Go" off of Soul Mover for about 100 miles on a trip I was making down I-45. With Glenn, it's not a rare occurrence (in fact it's with incredible regularity) that he puts a song together that is so perfect from beginning to end that epic is the only way I can describe it...and that song is definitely one of them for me. It's just a classic and a whole story needing to be told, and the music and lyrics fit together so well. I friggin rocked out. lol No one has as many songs similarly great like that...for me.

  • i was just wondering the same thing. i mean, is Ringo gonna be playing drums. certainly, not even a "supergroup" would use 2 bass players---would they ? now we travel further down the long and winding road that leads to...the names of the other people.

  • Jon Lord, I seem to remember he was called the walrus because of his moustache!!

    Jimmy Page, Jon Lord, Glenn,and Jason Bonham that's my final guess...for today anyway!!

    I have to say the suspense is doing me in :confused:

  • Coo coo cichicoo = Jon Lord
    Its Time to Rock 'n Roll = Jimmy Page
    Here we go!! = David Coverdale

    All taken from Twitter since Friday.

  • That's very interesting and well spotted - Thanks, cygnusx1 (a Rush reference here?) and welcome onboard!

    Coverdale/Hughes/Lord/Page does sound (and read) funny though! :D



  • Does seem a coincedence! So Glenn and JB hey? really not sure of why this is so secretive! Guess the others involved must be pretty well known names in that senario!!!

  • ...well they are of course:
    Big Daddy - bass & vox & wolves
    Matt "The Maestro" Filippini - guitar
    Alex "I play only legendary drumkits" Mori - drums
    Alex "I can play everything and I'm damn good singer too" Del Vecchio - keyboards...


    Happy 2010 Everybody


  • Are Twitters what they call burd watchers - people who stalk and spy on birdlife? Are we all a bunch of Glenn Twitter's or what - there are so many clues on these Tweets - it's so fun! Glenn and Joe Bonamassa would be a top pairing for me! So who else then??? Suspense suspense -when will it be relieved????

    Love and hugs xxx :)

  • Its Joe B and its gonna b MINDBLOWING :clapper:

    so light a candle in the window.......
    i will be coming home tonite

  • Found this posted on the forum at MelodicRock...


    Joe Bonamassa is the guitarist. Checkout his Twitter page. No word on the drummer yet. Can't wait to hear what comes out of this - could be fantastic, and according to Joe it is going to rock

    And this is one of Joe's latest tweets:


    9:10pm Jan 1st from web

    Supa groupa starts tomorrow.. Been writing all week. I am very excited to see a bunch of friends and crank up the super bass plexi

    Glenn and Joe will be a powerhouse combo. I'm very anxious to find out who's filling in the rest of the group!


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