• Unofficial information says:

    Glenn Hughes - vocals & bass
    Joe Bonamassa - guitar
    Jason Bonham - drums
    Jordan Rudess - keyboards.

    Had to take my 'lurking' cap off for this, as the line-up mentioned above is simply not correct.

    There are some wild guesses going on here; the above, "is not" the line-up. Feel free to continue guessing, it's fun after all, right :) but please leave the gossip or 'unofficial' stuff at the door ;)

    As with all things media, a press release would be issued when ready. Glenn has no comment to make.

    OK, my 'lurking' cap is now back on for this topic :D

  • im probably wrong but the last time glenn said it was time to rock FUSED was made-(great album)

  • Thank goodness that's not the lineup! :thumbup:
    I know Joe has his fans here but there at 20 guitarists that would
    be better & more exciting than him. To me he is barely better than
    J.J. & the others don't impress me either.
    Supergroup, hardly! More like an average one. Glenn would be the
    only star in the bunch :bow:
    This is fun trying to guess. I know Glenn will work with only equals if he
    is going to give up his solo carrer for now or he would just do another
    rock album with J. J. :)


  • Phew! no disrespect to any in the suggested line up but that would not really be a Supergroup.

    As said before I think it will have to be some pretty big names in order to meet supergroup status and stop Glenn recording a new album.

    Must amit Iam surprised something has not been leaked from somewhere, hopefully the line up will be revealed in Jan.

  • My best guess is
    Jimmy Page on guitar, Jason Bonham on drums, Glenn on bass and vocals and some super keyboardplayer like Keith Emerson.
    Otherwise we have the Toto connection with Lukather, Simon Philips and a keyboard player.... anyway - a new album with Glenn will be great :bouncer:

  • One thing's for sure, the guessing will beat dem winter blues. It's fun to speculate - a bit like the fantasy football team here in England. You know we could have values on each of the "players." I'd like to see Beckham on keyboards. I mean there's the LA connection there. Anyone with me on this? Oh ok back to amazon Christmas shopping then :cool:

  • John Frusciante is out of RHCP.

    Does this mean he could be in all of these "supergroup" discussions?

    (Oh, please Santa ... deliver this gift to me)

  • Keith Emerson is currently writing songs and preparing a possible string of shows as a duo with Greg Lake, so he's is probably also out of this :huh:

    I would have loved to see the combination of Keith and Glenn again :bow:

    Back in 1998 a Supergroup of Keith Emerson, John Sykes and Glenn Hughes had been rumoured, at one point even with Rick Wakeman as a guest artist on record. That would have been fun!
    But who could be the drummer in this band?

    It has taken Them Crooked Vultures more than 3 years to finally get together, record and go on tour, so why not more than 10 for this line-up? :)



  • Chris, Emerson Lake and Palmer are reforming for a final show in July so not likely as it could lead to the inevitable "farewell tour".

    Bonamassa is up and coming on the way to be really big based on his recent awards but not a superstar with a legendary back catalogue so cant be in a supergroup.

    Frusciante would be an exciting & interesting choice. i love his take on Nights In White Satin he did with Glenn. The Zep track wasnt bad either. I think that combination with a full-on drummer would work.

    :ghcp: "It's in my blood"

  • A Band with Glenn & Frusciante would be... a dream! :bow:
    They're still gonna need an ace drummer with a big name, and Chad seems to be busy with other things?
    And call the band TRAPEZE ACT! ;) :cool: :D



  • Beck/Bonham/Hughes/Lord

    so light a candle in the window.......
    i will be coming home tonite

  • I think I would like to see the rest of the group made up of people Glenn has never worked with before.

    What about Glenn, Steve Stevens and Kenny Aronoff?

    ...Glenn, Jeff Beck and Terry Bozzio?

    ...Glenn, Steven Wilson, Tony Carey and Carl Palmer?

    ...Glenn and former Tommy Bolin members Narada Michael Walden and Max Carl?

  • Ain't this fun?? :cool:

    Either of those two line-ups would be awesome!

    Personally I'd prefer Beck to Page, but hey.....

  • New Music From Jimmy Page In 2010

    There will finally be some new music from Jimmy Page next year.
    Talking to Sky News, the iconic Led Zeppelin guitarist said:
    “Next year, I have every intention of playing music live and making it — manifesting it. I’ve got it. I’ve got it there. I’ve got the music waiting. It just needs to be done. So that’s it. That’s what I’ll be doing.
    “It’s been two years since the O2 (the Zeppelin reunion show in December 2007). It’s time to do that.”

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