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  • Would like to give GH a solid thumbs up for getting back to the Rock. Year after year, in the Gym and in the car- it's still the rock that gets me going. I have enjoyed the Funk and I have been heavily influenced by RandB and Funk over the years- but it's the Rock that keeps me going. Thank you!


  • GH Tweet:


    We are on the beach in our Cabana... I have Just wrote the lyrics to songs that will be recorded in Jan. in Malibu with a NEW SUPERGROUP... GH

    Oh how you tease us Glenn!!!!!! xxxxx

  • I like how Glenn has described the new project as a 'supergroup'. Of course this usually suggests various musicians from well known bands joining together to make a new band. However, we all know any project involving 'our lad' is bound to be a supergroup.:D

    On one of the purple websites they are talking about:-

    Glenn bass/vocals
    JJ on guitar
    Chad on drums

    Sounds like a Glenn solo album to me!

    However, maybe it suggests Chad getting more fully involved??

    I STILL can't work out if i'm enjoying the speculating/not knowing who is involved!!

    On a personal taste note i hope it isn't an Addiction style direction that will be taken as that is probably my least favourite Glenn album [still like it, but not my favoured style].

    Oh, i'm still very surprised that Glenn is going back to what i assume is a straight forward rock style as he seemed to knock it on the head post HTP and IOMMI/HUGHES

    have a great weekend all :thumbup:


  • I love the suspense! It's great! We've all got Glenn fever and we're hot to know what it is he is up to! I've got visions of a bunch of Glenn Hughes Crazy People pilgramaging over to Malibu in January and hiding out in the bushes to catch a glimpse of whats going on!

    So anyway - The Supergroup is recording in Jan - there will be album releasing and touring to follow no doubt - hands up who will be buying and going to the gigs logistics permitting? *extends hand in air and wonders how long I should leave it up there for*

  • I've got visions of a bunch of Glenn Hughes Crazy People
    pilgramaging over to Malibu in January and hiding out
    in the bushes to catch a glimpse of whats going on!

    Boy, that's the last secret meeting that we will invite you to.

    You made the GHCP secret pledge to KEEP QUIET! :mad:


  • As Glenn would be the singer (and bass player i would presume) it only really leaves a drummer and guitarist to find.

    Chad would be my choice but is busy recording the new RHCP album. the full band make their live comeback on Jan 29, 2010 at MusiCares so i think he's out.

    who else is there on drums to be a supergroup drummer.
    big names are in their own group already.

    as for guitar.

    JJ isnt a big name (but IS a big player).
    Sykes is well known, is great and rocks but i dont think its him.
    Bonamassa is not big enough to make it a supergroup (IMHO).

    Others i would like to see GH play with are too old or not likely - Robin Trower or Blackmore for example.

    How about Brian May and Roger Taylor? they need a singer and bass player but have too big a past even for Glenn to deal with.

    Slash, Joe Perry or Page? mmm. no.

    I would genuinely love to see another album and proper tour with Iommi where only tracks they have done together are used.

    Damn It!! who is it :huh: :mad: :confused: :D :lol:

    At least i named Kevin Shirley first! :)

  • If Bonamassa is big enough to sell out the Royal Albert Hall and have Eric Clapton as his guest, then that's big enough for me.

    Chad Smith wouldn't be an exciting announcement. Glenn's been working with him for a long time now. I would be more surprised to find out Glenn was recording an album that Chad wasn't on, at this point.

    Tony Iommi is highly unlikely, unless he can strum and fret with only one hand...his other is on the mend from surgery just a couple weeks ago. And that wouldn't be a big announcement either...the two have recorded a couple albums worth of material already.

    Kevin Shirley has produced the last few Journey albums...what if the guitarist is somebody like Neal Schon?

  • I think there's actually a big chance that Matt Sorum will be the drummer. I read an interview with him yesterday about playing with the Meatbats and he said besides that and filling in with Motorhead he's just waiting for Velvet Revolver to get back together. I don't really see that happening in 2010. I'd love to see him working with Glenn again.

  • I wondered about Matt Sorum also. Not sure about Neal Schon as a possibility, Journey seem to be a viable concern at the mo. Think it's more likely to be someone who has been off the radar for a bit or the band that he is currently a member of is on a long hiatus or has recently split up.

  • Todd, Bonamassa is a great Blues player, has a show on Planet Rock and get mentioned in Classic Rock but i just dont think he's well known enough to be part of a SuperGroup.

    Having an "ex Deep Purple legend" in the band means you need another ex-giant-band member on guitar.

    also Joe is on tour right now and then from February to May - including Phoenix Chip!

    I agree that Chad wouldnt be a surprise.

    I was thinking about Matt Sorum AND Slash.

    Matt has already played with Glenn on TWII of course and Glenn has played live with Slash too. and both live in the right place!

    Neal Schon would be a dream but Journey have a new lease of life.

    Shirley has said a 4 piece. so does that mean a keyboard player or a second guitarist?

    Keith Emerson?

    Kollman and Slash get my vote!

  • Aerosmith, Aerosmith and Aerosmith come to mind with the hiatus at the moment. A bit of Glenn and Steve Perry and ????? Yes Journey have sprung right back to life lately which pleases me immenseley and I can't wait to go see them again! Paul - that comment about Kevin Shirley's mum cracked me up! Can't beat a bit of Sheffield humour! I honestly really don't know who this Supergroup consists of. Sorry Grace about dropping the secret meeting out! I didn't realise everyone had confirmed their flights and sleepign bag spots! :)

  • Wolfy, I love Jeff Kollman to bits but he's got tour dates Decemebr, Jan, Feb so I don't think he is part of the equation.

    Now Matt Sorum and Slash would be cool, but surely that would just be a bit of a rejig of Velvet Revolver as opposed to a new Supergroup?

    Adrian Smith from Maiden? Glenn and Gabi were recently having lunch with the Smith's?

    Jason Bonham or Taylor Hawkins on drums maybe?

    All this thinking and pondering has made me hungry - bye for now folks xxx

  • As much as I love Kollman everyone would go "who?". Slash isn't a possibility since his solo debut is appearing in March and he's focused on that now. Though I wouldn't mind to see them collaborating in the future.

    As for a keyboard player, there aren't too many big name keyboard players in rock. Ken Hensley???

  • bass/vocals: G

    Guitar: Sykes or Vai

    Drums: Sorum or Bonham

    Keyboards your guess is as good as mine, don't have a clue! Lordy would be brill, but i doubt it. Could be one of the guys from the HTP albums

    Think it will definitely be only one guitar player though

  • Both David and Keith probably know who is involved in the project and I respect there "inside " position,

    On reflection I think that Beck (jimmy Page, more likley to rock) is probaly not invloved and my head is now hurting from all this speculation. So my question is David/ Keith when can we expect an announcement? before xmas? :huh:

  • Luis Maldonado posted this on his blog this week:

    "Glenn Hughes is planning and getting ready to destroy everyone with new material.
    Stay tuned for that."

    Maybe we should ask him!

  • Well if it's new and secret it can't be JJ, Chad and Glenn- we already have several albums with that combination. Also GH and JJ are done for awhile. It's definitely something else.


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