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  • So what's the situation with the guessing? So far it seems that Kevin Shirley will be the producer. Glenn on bass & vocals. As for the guitarist, my vote goes to Jeff Beck. Glenn's sudden hiatus with his solo work calls for some major motivation, which also shows in his teaser messages. Correct me if I'm mistaken here with my memory traces, but a man who has made him cry for playing the guitar like no one else and with whom Glenn has wanted to work for a long time now would surely provoke such enthusiasm.

    What about the other two then? A drummer would be nice. Anyone got a clue what Mark Mondesir is up to? He has played with both Jeff and Glenn...

    Then it could be keys or another guitar, but I've done enough guesswork for now... It's great that something good is constantly happening for GH.

  • I have to assume that Glenn enjoys reading our posts filled with guesses about his new project, or he wouldn't be teasing the issue as much. Although it's not like we wouldn't be wondering what was going on anyway. I do feel a bit like I'm on a treasure hunt or something like that just looking for another clue. Today I decided that Glenn has already told us who the guitar player is by not telling us. Like others who keep up w/ G. knows, it is no secret how much Papa has said that he would love to be able to do something w/ Jeff Beck. His name is not new to this discussion at all, but my twist is this; Glenn said that he watched the rock-n-roll hall of fame show on HBO the other day. He commented that U2 did well, he thought. BUT, what he DIDN'T say was how much he (obviously should have) enjoyed seeing Jeff Beck play. I think that Glenn purposely did not comment on Jeff's playing because he is trying to be coy about the whole thing. I see through you Glenn ;) Your silence speaks out loudly to your well hidden little secret :cool: Don't forget that in absence of any factual things to talk about, we get to paint our own picture sometimes of your life as we see it :p Happy birthday to Gab :birthday2 I hope that ya'll have a safe and wonderful trip.
    peace and love,

  • 3/4 of Heaven & Hell is recuperating from one ailment or another:

    • Tony Iommi for stem cell treatment/surgery on his hand
    • Ronnie James Dio for stomach cancer
    • Vinnie Appice for shoulder surgery

    So I think that would take Tony Iommi out of the picture.


  • agree with you todd, not going to be Tony Iommi. Not sure if it will be Jeff Beck as does he do rock now? I'm not familiar with his stuff over last 10-20 years but thought he was far removed from rock now.

  • I'd say Glenn is going to collaborate with Jeff Beck produced by Kevin Shirley.

    Shirley has been announcing 'big stuff', Beck's website says it's about to announce big news. Glenn is keeping us on our toes with some big news.

    It would be really awesome if Stevie Wonder could be the 'ivory tinkler' (I always liked that old Kerrang lingo) on the new record.

    But...just as Chickenfoot (Chad Smith) and Them Crooked Vultures (Dave Grohl) they need some contemporary 'hero' to bring it all together....what's the name of that U2 drummer again?

  • Yep I think its Jeff Beck and agree It would have to be somone like him to stop Glenn continuing down the solo artist road he has been on for a long time now, so it has to be special.

    Keith, would love to know your best guess as I think it would be spot on so please reveal!!!!!

    Anyway, looks like most of us agree on Beck,Hughes, its just the 2 others we cannot identify. Drummers and keys players, I wonder, Lord and Aldridge maybe!!! having so much fun guessing!!!

  • Glenn is very excited about this project, and it must be really huge for him to 'give up' his solo career which has been flying recently. Looking forward to whatever it is!

    Enjoy your Hawaii trip Glenn!

  • Jeff Beck is certainly somebody Glenn has said he has always wanted to work with so that would make a lot of sense. There is news afoot with him and also with Kevin Shirley so I think it's fair for us all to assume these 3 beign involved. This is such a fun thread to be be following and it's great to see how everybody is so excited by what is to come! This is sensationalism at it's best - we're all picking up on the slightest clues and reading what we can from them! I wonder what Glenn thinks to all this fuss we are making - he does keep on planting seeds amongst his tweets so I guess he is having just as much fun with this too! I can't wait till the announcement is made - are we all on the right lines? Or just barking up any tree we can see? I'd be very excited for a collaboration with Glenn and Jeff Beck - certainly because I can imagine how much this would mean to Glenn. Exciting times!!!!!!

  • well, more developments! The "exciting news coming soon" on Jeff Beck's website (that some linked to a possible GH collaboration) is now an announcement of tour dates with Eric Clapton in North America in February - so that doesn't rule Beck out, but makes it less likely...

    Glenn's latest tweet "fallen in love with ROCK again"...suggests to me he'll be working with somebody other than Beck (and indeed Bonamassa) as they aren't straight ROCK artists...

    So me - I've no idea..Kevin Shirley is a certainty..and big G of course - but the rest of the "supergroup" remains a well kept secret!


  • I was pleasently surprised to see Glenn tweet about rocking again/still. "Addiction" is still (one of) my favorite record. I loved the more rockin' stuff w/ Iommi, Voodoo Hill, ect. as well. I'm especially happy that he decided to make a rock album instead of the polka one that Grace has been campaining for :). With Jeff Beck looking a bit less likely, we may be back at the drawing board for guessing. Maybe we'll get lucky and Gary Moore might decide that he likes to play rock-n-roll again . Isn't there an old story of Glenn and Gary almost playing together until Phil intervened ? The songs they did together on "run for cover" are very solid and still hold up to some of G.'s finest songs, in my humble opinion :cool:

  • Ha ha - yeah I just saw the Clapton US dates announcement too! So possibly not Jeff Beck now then! But who???? Anybody already mentioned would be awesome in all honesty. I too love Addiction album and it has always been a firm favourite although it's such an emotive, powerful album, it's one I have to listen to in certain frames of mind. Big lover of Run For Cover album too. The Voodoo Hill stuff is awesome - the rock really gets me moving on those albums thats for sure but I also love the funk from the heart material that Glenn has been writing of alte. Moving back into the rock scene I think will be a successful venture for Glenn whoever 'the others' are. Glenn has a very loyal fan base who will follow his every path - if you are a Glenn Hughes fan then you really are a Glenn Hughes fan. The suspense here is boyond massive!!!!!

  • Blackmore has reformed Rainbow with Glenn on vocals.:bow:
    To challenge Heaven & Hell! ;)
    Or maybe Glenn is new singer in VanHalen. New band is called
    VanHughes! :lol:
    Whoever Glenn is working with I am already excited about it :thumbup:
    Galleyfan :)

  • Blackmore has reformed Rainbow with Glenn on vocals.:bow:
    To challenge Heaven & Hell! ;)
    Or maybe Glenn is new singer in VanHalen. New band is called
    VanHughes! :lol:
    Whoever Glenn is working with I am already excited about it :thumbup:
    Galleyfan :)

    GlennHalen :lol: :lol:...hmmm...come on Glenn give us a HINT :huh: :huh: :huh: :huh: :eek: :eek: :huh:

  • Kevin Shirley is Joe Bonamassa's longtime producer, so perhaps there's more to Glenn's recent appearance with Bonamassa than we know...? Gary Moore would have to really be on his A-game to meet or surpass what Joe Bonamassa has done in recent years.

  • I'm especially happy that he decided to make a rock album
    instead of the polka one that Grace has been campaining for.

    Some people are just terribly polka-challenged..................:rolleyes:

    I don't know, but while everybody is going nuts trying to figure out who
    the super-guitarist will be, I can't seem to forget that monumental photograph
    of Glenn with Jon Lord a while back, at some charity-music-event.

    Back hundreds of years ago, these two weren't, shall we say, each other's best friends.
    (Drugs will do that to a friendship, so I've been told.)
    But that photograph of GH and JL didn't happen in a vacuum.
    Could there have been "a meaningful conversation" between these two rock giants?

    Yeah, yeah.
    I don't know what I'm talking about ~ it will never happen.
    Blah, blah.
    Put me down for five dollars, on Jon Lord.
    And another five on Tony Iommi.


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