• Hello all,
    Ive been a member for a while but never got round to posting. Anyway...

    I was wondering if anyone can enlighten me as to when Trapeze officially become defunct.
    I have a trapeze(no Glenn)demo which got Mel the job in Whitesnake and features 2 tracks the ended up on 'Slide it in' album . I also know that Mel tried a few times to get Glenn on board after the snakes but It was Glenns 'dark' era and Mel was often left in the lurch. One song 'welcome to the real world' became an MGM number, but I am sure it was demoed with Glenn singing.
    Any answers most appreciated

  • Welcome Roonaldo,

    I'm no expert, and I don't have the album in front of me,
    but I think that there's a pretty good history of Trapeze in the liner notes of
    'High Flyers - The Best of Trapeze', a compilation album from 1995.

    Somebody else have those liner notes handy?

  • You can also find a brief bio of Trapeze in CTC Issue #48 However, it does omit the fact that, Glenn, Mel, Dave and Terry Rowley did reform for a handful of shows in Texas in 1976

    Welcome To The Real World is also featured on the live 1992 performance at The Borderline in London.


  • That clears that up then... thanks for that.

    I still think that Mel's Trapeze versions are far better than the whitenake versions and how Coverdale can claim a writing credit by altering a few lyrics is beyond me..
    but hey...c'est la vie.

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