Beatles remasters

  • did anyone besides me by any of these cds besides me?-i found revolver and rubber soul cheap-they sound really clear to me but a gotta admit one problem-i cant get these short little catchy tunes out of my damm head!!!! :div27: i cant stop hearing the bass line in the song THE WORD off rubber soul -i feel like breaking the damm cd :eek:

  • Good one, Tony! :thumbup:

    Needless to say I already had most of the Fab 4 catalogue on CD, but those remasters sound incredible! :clapper:
    I didn't make any compromises this time and got the (Stereo) Box Set, including all the remastered albums (in nice DigiPacks with interesting liner notes, identical to the single releases) + Past Masters and a Bonus DVD including the whole collection of the web movies you'll find on the single releases as Quicktime movs in a nice big black box.
    The Mono Box-Set was incredibly limited and a little more expensive. Besides I was already used to the stereo mixes from the first batch of reissues from the lates 1980s.
    Been listening to it ever since, here, there and everywhere! :cool:
    Worth every penny, cent or whatever.

    May I hijack the thread and ask what your (and everyone's) favourite Beatles song is!?
    I know, this is impossible to answer, but try, really - when it comes down to just one Beatles song - which is your favourite?

    I really can't answer this, but mine is probably: You Never Give Me Your Money


  • Good question,Christian :)

    If I were restricted to hear only one for the rest of my life it's:

    'Hey Jude'

    Builds very slowly then just rocks towards the end - perfect! :lol:

  • If pressed to name a favorite Beatle tune.....hmm...I will take "Don't Let Me Down". The song is the Beatles at their downright sexiest...Billy Preston plays some tasty electric piano and check out Ringo's drumming...a great groove. It's like what Chad Smith said during our discussion about great drummers....if you can find a track where Ringo's playing wasn't dead on the groove he is all ears...John and Paul really sink their teeth into the vocal...great stuff!

    Yours In The Funk
    Bill "Capt. Midnite" Redford


    "Cause if you fake the FUNK..your nose got to grow!" Bootsy Collins

  • your right christian -i attempted to think about this for a day or so and i still cant come up with a favorite-too many good ones

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