A newbie - to the GHF, but not to Glenn! :)

  • Cheers, everybody!

    I am so much hooked up by the weekedn spent with Glenn on two Polish gigs, that I decided to get into his little www world!

    My name is Martin (30), and I had this wonderful privillege to have Glenn in my actual hometown on Saturday Otc, 17th :)

    I've been following His Art for as long as I follow the Purple Family (since 1993), I love his music and I think I'm aware of what He does and who He is no less than other Fellaz here! :)

    Right now I want to take a chance and scribble down the hot-on-the-spot reviews of the weekend gigs. It's not gonna surprise anyone, I believe, but it's been fantastic. I've seen Glenn on an amazing gig before in 2001, but now I had a feeling that the band never was this tight before. And it's surely a matter of their musicanship and fellowship.

    All praises go to Glenn for coming down to the autumn-colded country and also big cheers and hugs to the band great chaps Anders and Matthew and my Newest Guitar Hero - Soren! :claphands :)

    See you back on board hopefully soon! :)

  • Thanks everybody! I'm sure I'm gonna like being here and I'll try to make you like my being here! :) It's all for Glenn as I simply love that man :) :clapper: Be sure to see the review section I poured out off my head what I feel about Glenn's show in my hometown. I've seen some phenomenal shows over my bloody life - this one was another stunning fab. Check it out!

    Good evening to you!

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