Live in Opole, Poland 2009

  • Last evening was great for me . After traveling 400 km to this gig I had many experiences - highpower connection between fans and Glenn, great "true" great and fantastic voice, standing ovations, personal meeting with Glenn
    ( he is very likeable person ), signed F.U.N.K. CD cover, photos with him.
    Also we have a lot of photos from this concert ( I send it earlier).

    Thank you for this evening Glenn :claphands Slovakia wait for you.

    P.S. Here is the part of "Mistreated"...

  • Hello Funkies!

    The Opole show played by Glenn & Co has been documented by some good y'tube staples, but I think, there's been not enough of good word spread about this gig. I won't go into issues as much detail as I did with the Wroclaw gig, but I think plenty of things deserve a mention about this magical Sunday.

    The first one is a press conference held at 1 pm in the hotel. The so-called-press-journalists attendance was apalling, most of the audience were we - the Fans - fancying to ask Glenn some good and to the point questions, so that he can spread his sweet talker wisdom around a bit. All I can say he's a great, entertaining storyteller, showing quite an acting skill. The way he described Stevie Wonder incident in the studio, while Purple recording "Stormbringer" was simply hilarious. His manner of miming David Coverdale was superb. Some things about the future plans were revealed and most of Hughes' career events were covered, but some offshot tops were also up, like some witty remarks about Gene Simmons and Kiss, which also was a bit of fun. Everybody had a share of laugh which I hope settled a good mood for the rest of the day. We also had a chance to give the band members their say - especially about their idols and inspirations that shaped their liking of music and the way of playing. Nothing else to say than that Anders, Matthew and Soren are very good and friendly lads - easy to get the idea why Glenn loves having them on his board. Some signing and photos was also done to the enjoyment of all who attended. I said to Soren to get comfortable tonight, get loose and kick some serious ass on stage. He didn't need to be said twice, and he showed this on stage.

    The evening itself was magical all the way. While the performance was somewhat marred by Glenn's night of bad sleep, the only way it affected the set was crossing out the "Holy Man" and "Coast To Coast" from the setlist. And although the Voice seemed a little bit subdued and withrawn more into himself - his involvement into playing was still superb. Many artists can only dream about having this kind of stamina at the age of 58. I hope Glenn felt rewarded for this. The hall was bigger than Wroclaw, more audience in the seated hall resuleted with couple of long standing ovations, especially at the end of "Mistreated", "Gettin' Tighter" and "Don't Let Me Bleed". The end of the show saw practically everybody on their feet, roaringly applauding band's efforts and letting themselves flow on the wave of the music and spiritual high.

    Serious kudos have to go to the band for even exceeding their previous night appearances. Matthew being into Paicey-like groove on the previous night, in Opole paid an outstanding tribute to the talent of John Henry Bonham in his drum solo. I never liked drum solos, but here I throughoutly enjoyed his five minutes, the blending of inspiration and his own vibe in playing. Anders - what can I say - he's really spanning the band's performance together with all the keyboard colours he's using and the smooth following of the Glenn's dictated course via all the improvised moments. And the last definitive bow goes to Soren. If he was an animal on stage Saturday evening, on Sunday he became a guitar beast, an axe terminator every minute. He got blessingly inspired, inducting a funk jam in his pre-"Mistreated" solo, something completely different to the previous night. It was so groovy, that even The Funkmeister felt taken aback and prompted in couple of bass figures from behind the amps, so the whole band got to follow Soren. Jaw-dropping, cool stuff. For the rest of the night he was flying, bursting the magic all over the place. The end of "Burn" saw him even abusing his old Strato very much in Blackmore style, which caused the audie to go frenzy. An amazing talent. I told him after the gig to promise me o keep the gig at Glenn's camp for as long as possible. He simply is a perfect fitting for this musical outfit. Generous, talented, positive spirit, very lively and great sounding on stage. I take him over any of his procedessors in Glenn Hughes Band from the decade before.

    The secret of gettin' tighter and excelling his own highpoints in the stagecraft regardless of the age is still in the body and soul of Glenn Hughes.

    Once again thanks for the magical weekend, two amazing concerts and al the best for the forthcoming time!

    The set: Crave / Might Just Take Your Life / Sail Away / Mistreated / Getting Tighter / Don't Let Me Bleed / Stormbringer / Steppin' Out / You Keep On Movin'
    Encores: Soul Mover / Burn

    (C) (P) Sun

    Line up: Glenn Hughes - b, voc; Soren Andersen - g, bk voc; Matthew Goom - dr; Anders Olinder - k

    Time: 85 - 90 min

  • What a lovely picture of the little boy sat on the stage watching Glenn ... rehearsing? Wish I'd had such an opportunity at that age :cool:

    'You thought that you could take me for granted, but I couldn't take it no more. Better run if you see me coming ... '

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