Glenn's new album title?

  • So the latest clues are: For people who love to _________ , and it's going to be an ass shaker! Dance - questionable for the genre, Groove - possibly, Shake - maybe, Love is a good one and I'm swayed by this, it's been really making my insides itch trying to think what it could be! Personally I love to eat cake and one day that will make my ass shake a lot more than it does now - but I don't think Eat Cake will be the new album title! Well it's a verb going by the clue on twitter, so that rules out Soul or Spirit or Free or Now and, well, a lot of the title's we've come up with on here. *Scratches insides with large sized knitting needle*

  • :lol: :lol: :lol: Wolfy! :thumbup:

    Yet - what we have all missed is that Glenn has already hinted to the title of the new album.

    He actually mentions it twice during the first minute of 'Muscle and Blood' on the Wolverhampton Full Band Show Official Bootleg recording:



    Can't wait for the 2010 dates! :thumbup:

    Christian ;)

  • Delay?




    YODELING ?????? :eek:

    God help me......the other GHCPs are gonna get me :axe:


  • My guess is MISSION for the new album title since that is how I assess his comments, drive and ambition ;)

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