EGGS & DOGS (JJ Marsh)


    JJ, Tomas Bodin plus the fantastic Marcus Lilijequist on drums and Michael Stolt on bass!
    Check out myspace, everyone, great material! :clapper:




  • Stay tuned for an interview with Eggs & Dogs over the next week or so. I'm guessing that JJ is one of the eggs rather than one of the dogs, as I seem to remember reading that he was hatched from an egg many many (many) years ago.

    Ah yes, here's the link. It's on the internet so it must be true.

  • Tomas Bodin's new album is ready, you can view/listen to a couple of snippets below. Further details follow that :cool:

    "Poor Lucille"


    Poor Lucille[/ame]

    "You Are"


    You Are[/ame]

    The album contains 7 songs and clocks in around 77 minutes.

    The tracks are:

    You Are 9.03
    Poor Lucille 12.43
    Food 7.58
    Dad Is Coming Home 11.21
    Private Skies 9.22
    American Standards 5.33
    Silicone Bimbo Run 21.20

    "EGGS & DOGS"

    Michael Stolt Lead Vocals/Electric Basses
    Jocke 'JJ' Marsh Electric/acoustic 6&12 string guitars, lead guitars
    Marcus Lilijequist Drums/Percussion
    Tomas Bodin Keyboards, percussion, kazoo, backing vocals, fx voices, vocoder

    Simon Åkesson backing vocals, barbershop lead vocal & arrangement
    Janne Hellman backing vocals/high pitch veils
    Hasse Fröberg backing vocals (lead vocal line)
    Helene Schöning backing vocals
    Pernilla Bodin backing vocals/fx voice/handclap
    Peter Lindberg pedalsteel, electric 12 strings, Fender telecaster
    Ulf Lovéus Martin acustic 6 & 12 strings
    Samuel Bodin Gibson SG electric guitar/handclap
    Mats Johnsson French Horns
    Alexander Lundberg Cello
    Adam Bodin handclap/fx voice
    Moa Berglund fx voice
    Bony as the angry boss!
    Renee Fisher radio voice
    Don Cassidy radio voice
    Atmospheres recorded in the state of NYC
    Lyrics & music, arrangements, mix by Tomas Bodin
    Drums recorded at Jonas Reingold Studios

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