Hey Glenn, Where you at?

  • Question for Glenn.
    In 1994 in the "thankyou" column on the FNO cd you personally thanked your saviour, the Lord Jesus Christ...son of the Living God! Now all we hear is "thanks to my higher power"...hopefully still Jesus.. and pictures of chrishna and other eastern images on your stage rig! I know for some people faith is a personal matter, but sharing your personal beliefs has never been a problem for you. So Glenn where you at? I really wanna know, your sending some confusing messages here :confused:
    yours in Love, not judgement!
    HRP...on behalf of JC.

    Ps. start reading your Bible again like you did when you first started on your new journey

  • HRP,

    My belief in my Higher Power, who I choose to call God, has never wavered.....it is quite simple, I have a conscious contact with my HP, without this thread I cannot live with serenity....I trust in him...he is the one who is drivin' the vehicle...I am his passenger, I carry the message...God is everything or nothing...to me he is everything.

    Where I have come from, to where I am now, is a daily reprieve from a life that was full of misery...I was the problem...now I live in the Solution...to live a life of Spiritual progression, not perfection, there is only one who is perfect...


  • Hey Glenn,
    thanks for your honest, thought provoking reply. I know where you have come from..I have been following your career scince '73. I do not pretend to even imagine the lows you have experienced in the black hole called drug abuse. I was living in Chicago in 91-92 when I heard of your healing and conversion, my heart literaly leaped for joy, and I immediatly walked the town until I found a copy of "Blues". I dont doubt for one minute your love and respect for our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, and I am truly here to encourage you..'cause I was a bit concerned and lead by my spirit to inquire of your spiritual health. I no longer need to be! Just keep writing those great lyrics and fight the good fight, and remember its not how you start the journey...its how you finish. Isaiah 30 v18.

    Yours in Him,
    with the greatest respect,

    Peter Schuptar.
    Brisbane , Australia.

    Ps. If I was to post what I said on any other forum, would be saterised front, left and centre. The fact that I wasnt shows the absolute love your fans have for you. Thank you forum readers :claphands

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