New Glenn interview, This Wednesday!

  • The GTFM Rockshow in South Wales/South West of the UK will broadcast an all new face to face interview with Glenn Hughes this Wednesday 12th August on the show from 10.00pm (UK time) till midnight.

    You can listen locally on 107.9 FM or on the web at

    The interview was from the recent shows at the Robin in Wolverhampton, and Glenn talks candidly about the recent tour and albums,the Childline Rocks show, remastering 'Stormbringer' and future projects. We'll also be featuring tracks from the recent Purple DVD 'History,Hits and Highlights' which has rare tracks from the Mk3/4 line up.

    E-mail the programme at

  • Thanks for heads up will definitely listen online..

    Keep the Dream

  • You can now find a link to listen to the recent interview with Glenn on the UK based Rock Of Ages web site :cool:


    A new interview with Glenn Hughes, carried out prior to the two nights he played in Wolverhampton in June and broadcast last Wednesday (12th August) on the GTFM Rock Show is now available for listening again/download at the following link:…es-interview-2/

    Runtime is just over 15 minutes and covers all aspects including upto the here and now :)

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