Best Glenn Hughes album(s) to start with...

  • Do you prefer Glenn's work as a band member, solo performer, or guest vocalist? 30

    1. Band member. (4) 13%
    2. Solo performer. (24) 80%
    3. Guest vocalist. (2) 7%


    I'm curious as to which GH albums the seasoned fans recommend as his best -- especially as a starting place for someone not as familiar with his music? A brief why, with each recommendation, would be very helpful as well.

    Looking forward to any responses. Thanks.


  • I started with Burn and from there I moved on to solo stuff. Really depends what kind of stuff you're into but I'd say Burn is a good start. If you like 80s hard rock Hughes/Thrall is essential. If you really like those 2 you could check out some of the solo albums. Music for the Divine was the first one I got and I was pleasantly surprised at how good it was.

  • I suggest that you write the names of Glenn's cds on seperate little pices of a paper and then put those pieces of paper on a dart board. Then throw a dart. which ever piece of paper you hit w/ the dart is where you start. After you wear that one out, I'd throw another dart.

  • While the albums I listed are personally my favourites (I don't have that much yet though), they are not very representative of Glenn imo. The other 2 Deep Purple records have a more funky sound like most of Glenn's solo albums. Feel is also an excellent album throughout and goes from very funky rockers to soulful ballads. It was recorded with many great musicians including Pat Thrall on the majority of the albums and a bunch of rather obscure (but great) musicians. Glenn sure knows how to pick 'em.

    You can't really go wrong with any albums as Glenn is a strong songwriter and I have yet to find a crappy song by him. My least favourite so far if the first Trapeze album, sounds a bit too much like 60s pop for me. It's still a good album though so if you're into that kind of stuff you should like it but I don't listen to it as much as most of Glenn's records.

  • Bart's Dart Idea works best, but I think it depends which sub-genre of Glenn's music you want to start with. He so easily spans the spectrum from heavy metal to straight funk, going through 'classic' rock, hard rock, pop, etc., you would need to decide which fits your personal tastes the best. I am more of a "rocker" type, yet thoroughly enjoy the funky Trapeze, heavy Aina cuts and the truly funky FUNK. WHerever you start, you'll finish with everything in the collection.

    "if only we'd turn around and notice the door to the cell is open"

  • All of the suggestions are great, but what Frank said will probably be what will happen with you. Once you get a few, you'll end up with all of them :thumbup:


  • Leave it to David to be the Voice of Reason...:D Ok fine, start with the anthology for a broad overview. If I was suggesting GH albums to myself, I would recommend 'First Underground Nuclear Kitchen', 'From Now On' and the 'Hughes/Thrall' album. Then maybe 'Songs in the Key of Rock', 'Return of Crystal Karma' and 'The Way It Is'. For an album with a darker, harder edge and a more serious tone, 'Addiction'. For something more playful, soulful and funky, try 'Feel'. If you want to check out some of Glenn's best session work, try and lay your hands on 'God of Voice', which features Glenn's recordings with Liesegang, John Norum, Manfred Ehlert's Amen, Phenomena, etc. Of course, it doesn't include the stuff he did with Gary Moore or Black Sabbath. So you'll have to get hold of those as well :yes: And of course you can't ignore his 70's output with Deep Purple and Trapeze :eek: Or his rock/r&b/soul solo debut 'Play Me Out'. Then there are the Voodoo Hill albums, and the HTP collaborations :div27: Oh, and don't forget the tribute albums...:div9:


  • You can't go wrong to start from the beginning......grab the second and third Trapeze albums.....Medusa and You Are The Music....We're Just The Band...........enuf said? :bow:

  • Just to add to the confusion (showing that the dart board theory isn't a bad idea) I'd have to add Soul Mover to the mix. A cracking title track which is still played live four years on, it sums up the many colors of Glenn Hughes outside the Anthology. Burn and Stormbringer are also good starting points of course. Chuck's Trapeze selections also do the biz. Addiction is one of my personal faves even though it was painful album for Glenn to make. But yeah go for the Anthology and work outwards from there.

  • Deep Purple's Come Taste the Band is pretty good too. No Blackmore on that, Tommy Bolin is a very different kind of player and it doesn't really sound like Deep Purple but it's a very interesting album and it's got a few real gems like Getting Tighter and This Time Around. Glenn still plays a few songs of this album live.

  • .......and now for something completely different ~

    While lots of Glenn's fans have their favorite albums......
    :bow: You must get this one first!!! :yes:
    ......the problem is that our boy's CDs aren't always easy to find.

    I would recommend that you go to the GH "Discography"
    making sure that your printer has at least four blank pages,
    and then just print up the whole list. That way you'll at least know
    the CD titles of what it is that you're looking for. Glenn's list of Trapeze,
    Deep Purple, solo work, and guest appearances will make your brains fall out.

    When you find a CD with Glenn's name on it....just buy it.
    And purchase a nice CD rack or bookcase while you're at it.
    You'll need it......because whatever you buy won't disappoint you.

    We had a big discussion "thread" here a while back, trying to figure out what Glenn can't sing.

    The answer was------> Nothing.



  • It really is hard to choose! For a while I was hooked on Addiction - but I guess the darkness of that was something I was feeling at the time. Still love it now but not in the same way. Feel is another favourite and of course FUNK, Soul Move, M4TD. Love the Voodoo Hill and Moonstone albums, oh man - this one is so had! Not even started on DP or Trapeze, or Hughes turner Project or Hughes Thrall! You really can;t pick a favourite - they all have their pulls and variations and highlights about them! Anything with Glenn on = a great album! Nuff said! xx

    Love and hugs xxx :)

  • Addition.The most powerful album,and still the best. To bad he,s dont play these songs live :singer:

    i still wonder :mad:

    whyyyyyyyyyyyy on earth glenn doesn't sing any number of this album live :mad:

    is it that bad papa?

    i love seventh star and hughes/thrall and play me out

    i strongly recommend these albums

    also listen to glenn's performance at jon lord's windows :)

    also i loooove trapeze albums esp.medusa

    From now on....

    :guitarmet \m/

  • 1.Play Me Out.

    This combination reveals the soul the funk the blues and the rock sides of Glenn. After that, you'll end up buying them all as Frank said. You can also use iTunes store for short previews of albums before you buy.

    Live and let live

  • I'm currently trying to decide what to get next, I have Feel, Soul Mover, M4TD and FUNK but I'm not sure which one I want to get now. I love it that Glenn has such an extensive discography though, that way I can get the older stuff in between the releases of new albums.

    I'm thinking about getting Songs in the Key of Rock since I was very impressed with Kollman on the Mogg/Way album. Any other suggestions?

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