• Hi Glenn and to all your fellow fans & supporter's (including Wolves).

    It's my first posting.

    Been a fervent fan since all those's days from the Trapeze show's @ Lafayette (George Maddox) & Catacombs (Micky Wernick) - (nobody ever mentions these shows - showing my age - same as yourself - perhaps that's why) and Micky Wernick - who first called you B'G - in Wton. Because of your incredible talent on bass/vocals & the rest! Was talking to Terry Reed about you last year @ The Robin. First time I saw you guy's (3 piece-Trapeze) was at the Civic Hall W'ton - supporting The Who - you nearly blew them off. Had it not been for the fact that most of the audience did't know the Medusa material at the time, and they pulled the PA trick on you (half the volume) - like they did in those day's - think you know what I mean! Saw the Bilston shows (June 2009) and yet again you graciously signed aload of CD's - held up the queue yet again! Remember John's Curry house @ Pipers Row & then on to Olivers Day's?

    Keep up the music - you are the band! (Got the Alive wrist band - very pleased! Look forward to seeing you again @ The Robin in the future. Shame about the Hughes/Thrall 2 CD! Question? Did Bonzo ever wreck Dave's drums when he sat in with you & did he play both double bass drums or just the one. As you know. Also - what ever happened to that Mustang bass you used to play? Finally you turned me on to Rota sound strings & what a fantastic Laney set up for it's day - at the time you had.

    Kind regards - Mick from W-ton.

  • "greeny". mmm sounds like what we used to take in the 70s in the locker room :D
    Glad to have you aboard

    "if only we'd turn around and notice the door to the cell is open"

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