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  • I am aware that many here are long-time Deep Purple fans, etc, but how would you track your music tastes to get to Glenn Hughes? [Only asking because arriving here from my music history is a complete surprise to me and my baffled friends.]

    Please chart your main music styles and milestones from oldest fond memories to now. It will be good to see how you got here, even if your tastes now are diverse.

    Here goes my checkered history..[try not to laugh too hard].

    'Black Night'[First record ever]
    >Suzi Quatro
    >Bowie [Spiders from Mars/Mick Ronson]
    >The Sweet
    >Kiss/Van Halen
    >Tangerine Dream
    >The Damned/any punk/Stooges/Pistols/Siouxsie and the Banshees/Magazine
    >the Pop Group
    >Ride>Pixies/Sonic Youth/Swervedriver/Catherine Wheel/shoe-gazer music
    >Daisy Chainsaw/Dinosaur Jnr/early Pumpkins
    >The Boo Radleys/Young Gods/Curve/Killing Joke
    >Mogwai/Mint 400/Motorpsycho/Kashmir/Low
    >Built to Spill/Wolf and Cub/Fleet Foxes/Doves/Silversun Pickups/etc
    >Glenn Hughes!!!!

  • Yeah, I know exactly what you mean, Roger :thumbup:

    Hearing Trapeze for the first time gave me a rush I can still remember after all these years, and I can still feel it now when I listen to 'You are the music...' & Medusa.

    Timeless, classic, wonderful music from some very special people :bow:

    ** Must get hold of the Trapeze night stuff from The Robin....but no ITunes...hmmmm **

  • Mine's simple- Trapeze, circa 1973. Ouch, that makes me feel old....:eek:

    My introduction to the "Voice of Rock" was also well before the KLF came up with that title.It's quite funny now that I look back. A friend of mine bought a tape of "Stormbringer" in a village jumble sale for 2p. Knowing that I was a rock fan, and that I had mentioned Deep Purple once or twice on the school bus, he gave me the tape. My collection at that time consisted of a couple of tracks including "Child in Time " and "Smoke.."--But what was this?!! They seemed to have had another singer.

    The copy of the tape my friend gave me had the album picture on the front, but no other information. I listened to it again and again. I loved it!! All I had was an old cassette player and I was entranced by the singer. The sound was so poor that it was months before it dawned on me that there were 2 singers on that album!!!!!-- well I was only 10 !

  • I was introduced to Glenn's music by a mutual fan about 4 to 5 years ago and became instantly hooked! My first live gig really blew me away and I really don't think you fully 'get' the whole thing until you have seen him live and in the flesh! Something I have since done many many times and the live experience never fails to amaze me! I've kindof worked backwards in a lot of ways from his current stuff going back to Trapeze, of course I've always liked Deep Purple, Thin Lizzy, ACDC Pink Flloyd and such like. One of my earliest music memories is of being 4 years old and my mum was hoovering while the chart show was on and Def Leppard were on with Animal, I was jumping around on the sette with joy at the song - must have known I'd end up being into rock even back then despite a couple of diversions into 80's and 90's pop along the way that was just whatever was in the charts while I was at school. My passion for rock music probably hit when I was about 18 - 20 and have spent the last 10 years getting deeper and deeper involved with all kinds of varied artists, but Glenn will always be no 1 for me! He has soul, he has passion and he loves doing what he does, and we all love him doing what he does!

    Love and hugs xxx :)

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