Sensitive Man

  • Anyone know where I can find a song called 'Sensitive Man' [I think]. Heard this song and must have it. Been scouring all the track lists from cds and just can't see it. Any clues? It has become my favourite song.

    By the way, I do not approve of illegal downloads or any any dodgy means of getting tracks; its much better to pay for an original CD knowing that the artist is getting something for their labour and talent. So if you know the name of the cd it would be great. Thanks.

  • Thanks for the quick reply. I had a listen to some song samples at Amazon and now I have to buy those cds too! I had never heard of that band or guitarist before. Top musicianship and gutsy yet soulful singing.

  • Both of those Voodoo Hill cds are REALLY good. you ( or anyone else who doesn't have them) should get them ASAP. Our GHCP brother Drew K turned me onto those and I still apreciate them everytime I listen to them. Thanks again Drew. Here's to one in your honor before the day is out :cheers:

  • What an opportunity this thread is, for free publicity for our boy!
    And just in case you've forgotten why you should be a Glenn Hughes fan,
    .......this is a sample of the quality level of Glenn's work on this CD:

    [ame='']YouTube - Voodoo Hill (Glenn Hughes) - Golden One[/ame]

    Voodoo Hill (Glenn Hughes) - Golden One

    ......and there's a brilliant comment posted on
    just below the video, from "someone" :rolleyes: who says:

    33's all there.
    Glenn Hughes........The Voice of Rock.


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