• Hi all.
    I am a new fan of Glenn Hughes since a friend lent me a cd of Songs In the Key of Rock. That was only a few months ago now I am addicted to the voice and JJ Marsh's superb guitar.
    It seems really strange to me and my friends that all of a sudden my taste in music has completely changed form alternative to this stuff. I can't explain it but I used to listen to shoegaze music and noisy pop like Sonic Youth, the Pixies, and just about all the alternative bands from 90's til today. Now they all seem unlistenable. What's going on? Maybe I am returning to what I first loved about music when I was a kid. [First single was 'Black Night' afterall!!]
    Anyway, its good to put on a Hughes cd and not get sick of it after the first few plays as is often the case with a lot of bands today. BOught about 7 disks and got to see him play live in the last few months. Good to join the forum and read your comments.

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