Doyle Bramhall

  • interesting tweet from Glenn today. Doyle is a great soulful vocalist and guitar player. But what is he really up to today? His website is really out of date.... He and Glenn would make an interesting duo don't you think?

  • Quick check on YouTube brings results but care as there are 2 Doyle Bramhalls - the younger is helpfully known as 'Doyle Bramhall II' ! :thumbup:


    Ben !!

  • Glad about that,David, as I much prefer junior's music :)
    A new artist for me so trying to catch up with some of his stuff - doesn't seem to have a prolific output on CD as a solo artist but guests with a number of others.
    Was/is touring again with Eric Clapton this year.


    Ben !!

  • You should check out his Welcome album,been waiting for a follow up to this for sometime.Also appears on the Roger Waters DVD In The Flesh.If Glenn did something with him i'm thinking it would be a soulful bluesy kind of thing

  • the 'old man' is the soulful singer and I can't help but believe Glenn is referring to him........

    It's definitely DB II he refers to in his recent Tweet ;)

    Personally, I like 'em both. Was first introduced to DB's work at the same time I discovered SRV, many moons ago, and later on, DB II, when he started playing with Arc Angels, who I followed quite a bit too.

  • I remember seeing Doyle Bramhall II on some late night TV show back in the early 90's; the group performed "Living In A Dream". I have that CD...there were a few things I really enjoyed on there. I think the Arc Angels got burdened with that quasi supergroup label; the rhythm section from Double Trouble together with Doyle Bramhall II and Charlie Sexton, two giants in the Texas music scene. They did that one album and I think there were drug issues with Doyle that hastened the dissolution of the band.

    Apparently he got clean and went on to a pretty busy sideman career...Roger Waters and Eric Clapton being his highest profile gigs.

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  • I know he's been playing with Clapton for a while now.

    I see his cousin Josh Bramhall at the blues jams around Dallas. There's definitely some talent in that family!

  • This is an excerpt from an interview with Glenn that was taken around the time M4TD was released:


    Is there anyone you haven’t worked with yet that you’d like to?
    I’ve been waiting on Jeff Beck for 15 years. The head of his label Sony called me 15 years ago to do a vocal record with Jeff, like a rock-soul record. And Jeff came to see me play. I’ve known Jeff since ’71 and we were talking about doing something back then. I’m still waiting on Jeff to do the album, that’s 15 years and I’ve kind of moved on from that. Regarding working with people, there are so many great musicians. I think Doyle Bramhall (II) and myself will probably do something. I love Doyle. He’s my favorite American artist, and I love him as a man, he’s a great husband and father. And he’s an incredible, incredible songwriter, guitar player. We’ve only just become friends. We love each other’s work. And that will probably come to fruition at some point.

  • Doyle is an amazing guitarist. I think he's best work is with Roger Waters' In The Flesh DVD.

    Live and let live

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