• I am a bit drunk today and am so happy to share the Video with you all.

    You may have already seen this but I wanted to share how Luckly I was that I had known the great artist, GH :bow:


    - BURN デーモン小暮&グレンヒューズ[/ame]

    Also how his influence was big :bow:
    - PURP DEEPLE - BURN[/ame]

  • Those videos are great, Tony - thanks for posting them here!
    The second one being a 100% reproduction of the California Jam performance is so typically Japanese, you gotta love it! :cool:

    Pity I can only understand snippets of the language in the first clip - would be interesting and possibly very funny to know what they're saying!

    Cheers :cheers: (he, he)



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