• Anyone know what gear Mel used on the '72 U.S. tour?
    Amp, Effects, Guitar etc...

  • Thanks...I did, was surprised to read he used Laney's and Gibson...I thought I remembered Marshalls and a Strat in New Orleans back then...
    but, that was way back in the '70's, Mel had a good ear for tone...

  • ..Hey!!
    Finally some discussion re: Glenns (or Mel, or Dave , orAnybody assoc. w/ Glenn) gear!
    I definitely remember Mel using Laney amps and Gibson Les Paul Custom (black).Glenn was also using Laneys and Fender P-Bass..I also saw Glenn with the Fender Mustang Bass..small, but still a kick-ass guitar.
    I saw Mel later with and without Glenn and he always used Marshall amps..What an ear for tone!!!
    By the way..I recently read about Glenns rig while he was with Deep Purple...It said that his Hiwatt amps were "custom made solid-state" amps..
    That was a huge ,monstrous tone with those gigantic bass bins ..but solid-state? ..Sure sounded like tubes to me..
    Anybody Know about that one?
    I have always thought that his bass tone during Trapeze and Purple were truly unique and powerful..
    I could go on forever talking about this stuff...
    billy :cool:

  • I never had a chance to spot Glenn's gear both with Trapeze and Purple, but it sure sounded like tubes and not solid state. I always thought that he used Ampeg amps. But I think that Glenn's sound is in the fingers :) I remember when I saw him live in London back in 94 with the swedish band when he played bass on two songs and used John Levens gear with his 5 string ESP bass and the sound was totally different. Bottom line: It takes a real man to get a good sound :) For example Jack Bruce uses gauge 50 bass strings.

    Labi :)

    Live and let live

  • Thanks for the replys...What got my curiousity
    up was listening to "Loser" the other day just out of the blue....
    Not even sure if Mel played on that, but had a nice intro...
    Hey Bill C....noticed you being from Texas and I "think" around the same age...You ever hear of a Texas band called "Stray Dog" back in the early 70's?...They were "one" of my favorite bands back then and had some great guitar playing for the time...

  • Not to turn this off topic....but in case you didn't know, there's an excellent Stray Dog web site you should check out if you haven't already done so...it seems their roots are in Baytown, Texas.


    Enjoy :cool:

  • Thanks for the info....checked it out..
    Were one of those bands like "Trapeze" that were great but for some reason didn't hang around long enough...

  • Snuffy Walden has been doing soundtracks for T.V. and movies for a while now and has a lot of albums out, current stuff too. "Celtic Christmas" "The Stand" (Steven King) I got hooked up with a two CD set from the Stray Dog site. Excellant. I saw Stray Dog with Emerson, Lake and Palmer on Brain Salad Surgery Tour. For those who don't know... Snuffy is on the left top. Good to see fellow Texan Stray Dog fans. I am living in Ohio now but will always be a son of Texas as I was born.

  • it also turns out (such a small world, eh)...Snuffy Walden is also great friends of John "Rabbit" Bundricks, also of Baytown - Texas, who later went on to make his name with Free, BackStreet Crawler and Kossoff, Kirke, Tetsu, Rabbit.

    Snuffy also layed down some uncredited tracks for Free's Heartbreaker sessions.


    Anyway....back to Mel's Gear ;)

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