Live @ GuitarFest 2009 - NIA, Birmingham

  • Managed to watch the live web stream and so grabbed a few screen shots along with a snippet of audio and two videos (see below pix) :cool:

    Lookin' forward to hearing how it really was from some of you lucky folks who were there in person!

    Attached is the full show audio taken from the web stream (excuse some choppiness), runtime approx. 40 mins.

    You Keep On Moving
    Soul Mover

    Glenn Hughes (bass/vocals)
    Anders Olinder (keys)
    Matt Goom (drums)
    Soren Andersen (guitar)


    Soren Andersen and Glenn

    Anders Olinder

    Matt Goom



    Glenn and Matt Goom



    Anders Olinder, Soren Andersen and Glenn

    Anders Olinder

    Soren Andersen, Matt Goom, Glenn and Anders Olinder


    "You Keep On Moving"

  • Hey it was great - as always! Soren impressed me as my first experience of him! But why was I surprised, Glenn doesn't play with anyone who doesn't make the grade! Glenn's vocals as always were great, he says on Twitter he hasn't slept well for the last few nights but it never shows in his performance! It was also idifferent to see Stone Gods doing an accustic set, Jennifer Batten was interesting to watch and pretty much into the demonstration of experimenting with the effects and stuff which was a rather rinteresting display, and Yngwie was just Yngwie, he would definitely win faster finger on the button on who wants to be a millinaire! Good to see Paul J, Mike D, Kayleigh, Chuck and Mike M there too! Hope the Thunder show in London tonight is great for you guys moving onto there! Oh and I bought a didgeridoo at the guitar show! xxx

    Love and hugs xxx :)

  • Glenn Gave an amazing performance despite being ill (we later found out) Great to see Burn back on the set again ... all the songs were amazing& loved Soren Anderson .. hes playing is amazing .. hes always great everytime ive seen him!
    PLeasure to meet Jeniffer Batten aswell ... women guitar players like her dont get enough creddit .. he album is fab!

    heres a few pics

  • Hi all

    Just to say Glenn is sounding better and better! He truly has no peers as a vocalist :singer: and his bass playing is awesome also :guitarmet !!

    Opened with Crave, a classic for years to come and closed with Burn, my favourite DP track.

    Great to see so many other Glenn Hughes fans again! The world is finally getting it! Many thanks to Marie and Martin, you are a couple of diamonds :) Still can't believe another Glenn freak lives just down the road :clapper:

    See ya next time,



  • I Can FEEL It!
    all the way across the pond.
    Crave was a great opener despite some mixing problems.

    so light a candle in the window.......
    i will be coming home tonite

  • Managed to watch the live web stream and so grabbed a few screen shots along with a snippet of audio and two videos

    What an excellent rendition of YKOM - thanks for the two videos :thumbup: :cool:

  • Thanks for posting the clips David. I came in late and missed "Crave". I came in ( virtually speaking ) during Mistreated. Now, except the beginning of Mistreated, I have seen the whole show. What a treat that was to have that concert be streamed like that for us. Now, that's what we need. Wouldn't it be wonderful if all of Glenn's shows, or maybe one a month be streamed so we could see it. Hopefully the Alive Drive might help out w/ something like thaat.

  • superb set at the guitarfest. Glenn's voice was perfect. This is the 5th guitarfest that I have been to and they represent excellent value for money. Each year they have had on quality artists, and are very well organised. I went for Glenn and also to see the Stone Gods. The others weren't really my cup of tea, but interesting to watch none the less.
    I will post some pics up in the next couple of days

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