Cover 1974 Trapeze compilation 'Final Swing'

  • In 1974 Threshold issued this Trapeze compilation with the drawing of a Trapeze-acrobat 'featuring Glenn Hughes' who'd joined Deep Purple.

    This album was later re-issued under the name 'High Flyers'. Of course the name 'Final Swing' was a bit premature because Trapeze kept on swinging for a few years more (without Glenn).

  • quote:
    Of course the name 'Final Swing' was a bit premature because Trapeze kept on swinging for a few years more (without Glenn).

    Yes indeed....Hotwire was the first release post-Glenn...with Pete Wright on vocals. Here's a promotional badge issued to promote that release by Warner Brothers...

  • Helloo,

    did you get Glenn's and John's autographs seperately or at the same time??? Or did you obtain the signed album from somewhere else..

    my question: if so what were Glenn and John doing together at that time???

  • I actually bought it in a record shop in Austin, Texas when Shirean and I were down there for the Tommy Bolin Tribute Band shows in 1999.

    A steal at only $10!! I asked the bloke behind the counter if he knew it's origins, all he could tell me is that it was one of many signed LP's he picked up from a local, but then defunct radio station.

    Was going to take it down to the gig that evening for Glenn to sign again, but after checking out the bar (BABES), decided against couldn't swing a cat in there, so didn't want to risk getting it crushed :eek:

    I told Glenn of "my find" later that night, and of course, he couldn't remember being together with John Lodge for the signing...."David, do you know just how many things I've signed during my career!"...we laughed :D

  • David,

    Should you have another chance to talk to Glenn, can you ask him what was the most interesting item he signed ever.

  • Hey David- You guys met Pete at the Dallas show didn't you? I remember him waiting around to talk to Glenn after the show and his signings... but I don't think he got the opertunity... as SOME people did! He was outside waiting when you two went into the mobile trailer for a visit. (I think he was a bit dissappointed) We chatted a little bit, he lives in Dallas and loves Texas. He said he heard from Mel every once in a while. I'm not sure if he talked to Glenn at all- maybe Glenn didn't know he was there?


  • i bought this album in Swansea in about 1980 - cost small fortune - brand new not second hand a genuine US import! It's in my attic somewhere !

  • I wish Glenn would put some lyrics to Dats It and re-record it. I believe that was an unfinished track given the to record company to put on the album as "new material".


  • I found a sealed copy of The Final Swing in a record shop in San Antonio back in 1985..still have it to this day! I had always thought that Good Love and Dat's It were recorded sometime between the debut album and Medusa. While in Orlando,I told Glenn that Good Love was one of my favorite Trapeze songs and asked him when it was actually recorded. He told me that those two tracks were recorded for what would have been the follow-up to You Are The Music and that he never got around to writing the lyrics for Dat's It and cutting a vocal track;hence its release as an instrumental.

    Yours In The Funk
    Bill Redford

    Yours In The Funk
    Bill "Capt. Midnite" Redford


    "Cause if you fake the FUNK..your nose got to grow!" Bootsy Collins

  • I was searching around for some old album artwork and came across the Final Swing on some site. Here's what the guy had to say about it........

    Notes: Early progenitors of the power trio format Trapeze produced three fine albums. They were a little unusual for the fact that the front man was the bass player. But what a bass player he was. Moving on to play for Deep Purple when the opportunity presented itself, Glenn hit his stride. The songs here are some of his strongest. Angst ridden teen with a good case of depression looming? Put on "Black Cloud" and sing with the record at the top of your lungs a few dozen times and see if that don't exorcise the beast. And you even get Rod Argent playing some electric piano on the cut "Coast to Coast". Old time circus performer on the cover makes us want to swing along as well.


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