"Glenn Hughes in Scheiben" in German ROCKS Magazine 03/2009

  • Glenn gets a full page feature in edition 03/2009 of German ROCKS Magazine :thumbup:

    The feature called "GLENN HUGHES IN SCHEIBEN (AUSWAHL)", which means, that it's basically a select discography ('Scheiben' is German slang for discs ;)), the kind of thing CLASSIC ROCK does in every issue. Yet ROCKS doesn't rate the albums like Classic Rock do.

    Contrary to the other translation from ROCKS (that I still owe you :o), I have added rough translations here...

    Although there are some mistakes in there, it's good to see another GH feature. I hope ROCKS keeps those coming every couple of months!


    TRAPEZE - MEDUSA (1970)
    After John Jones & Terry Rowley quit, Glenn Hughes, Mel Galley (g) and Dave Holland (dr) continued as a Power Trio. Therefore their 2nd album sound totally different: edgy Blues Rock is juts the surface of this overlooked Classic Rock jewel, with a good portion of Soul & unk underneath it. Hughes & Galley sund like a high voltage version of Free - crowning the album with Hughes' divine, deeply soulful singing.

    They have found their sound. This is where Hughes show the vocal abilities he recently redicscovered for his latest string of solo albums. More soul, more groove and Funk define this most diverse album in the Hughes catalogue. And the guitar rock: wonderful.

    Glenn started to write his first Solo Album during the recording of Deep Purple's Come Taste The Band. Recruiting his old Trapeze colleagues Galley & Holland he explored new grounds, resulting in a fiery fusion of Funk, Soul and Jazz with Brass sections and Background singers, a complex mixture of Trapeze, Tommy Bolin, Stevie Wonder and Tower of Power.

    HUGHES/THRALL (1982)
    4 years after the demise of Deep Purple Glenn joined forces with guitar player Pat Thrall (Automatic an, Pat Travers Band). The project is short-lived and commercially unsuccessful, but musically it has stood the test of time. The concept is clear - bands like Journey, Foreigner, Toto have sold-out stadiums in the late 70s - with virtuoso guitar playing and layers of keyboards. Muscle and Blood even predates the new wave of US Hard Rock Bands like Ratt or Dokken a couple of years. And The Look in Your Eye is an AOR classic to die for.

    There's a good reason why this album was recorded in Sweden. You just couldn't get around this country at the beginning of the 90s in terms of well produced melodic Hard Rock. Beside Europe rockers Mic Michaeli and John Leven, Pat Thrall appeared on the album. Conceptionally the album leans on Glenn's Hughes/Thrall and Deep Purple roots, the cover of Burn included as a very welcome finale.

    GLENN HUGHES - FEEL (1995)
    Hughes leaves the Hard Rock concept he just didn't feel too comfortable with and returns to his secret musical love - and shines! Fans of the Hard Rock sound are confused, but nevertheless notice the class of this groovy and expressive Funk, R&B, Rock- and Pop synthesis. A well-produced masterclass to which Pat Thrall contributed substantially. The cream of the crop: Coffee & Vanilla

    This album is the account of Hughes troubled past, a voluminous, heavy, dark and desperate soundtrack, absorbing in every second. A pearl in the catalogue and must-have for every Classic Rock enthusiast.

    F.U.N.K. is the crowining jewel of Hughes career today, the last piece in his musical creation which began to take shape with 2003's Song In The Key Of Rock (including the glorious Written All Over Your Face and Lost In The Zone) and with the lasting corporation of RHCP drummer Chad Smith resulted in Soul Mover and Music For The Divine. Each album is a gem. Hughes, sticking to Rock, shows his love for Funk, Soul and classic Rhythm & Blues stronger then ever.

    Norum recorded this after a stint in Don Dokken's band, and the influence is evident: His second solo album sounds American, and Norum shines with great riff work and virtuoso soloing. Hughes is excellent here and even gets to sing a cover of one of his own songs: Still The Night originally appeared on the first Phenomena album, another Hard Rock classic.

    4 ON THE FLOOR (1979)
    This rather obscure LP is dedicated to all the people who will probably misunderstand this!" And there is no doubt why. This project around Glenn Hughes, Jeff Baxter (g) and Al Kooper (keys) covers the Stones and more Disco-R&B-style. Obscure, kitschy and very dangerous.

    At the beginning of the 90s Gary Moore demonstrates that the Blues works financially. Mike Varney jumps on the train and sends of his Shrapnel guitar-gods to the studio to record the L.A. Blues Authority series. Even Hughes takes part in this abysmal series that gives Blues purists the creeps. Fiddling here are: Warren DeMartini, John Norum, Richie Kotzen, Mark Kendall, Mick Mars and many more.

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