Favourite obscure singers?

  • Todd,

    i was thinking that Rolie left Santana in 71 and Journey in 80 so in effect he hasnt been in the limelight for 30 years. his back catalogue is great but he's an obscure artist in the present day so to speak.

    True...but after Santana and Journey he released several solo albums, the Abraxas Pool CD with the entire Santana band (minus Carlos), he did two albums with The Storm and his latest solo CD 'Roots' came out a few years ago. He continues to tour as well. So there :p


  • Sandi Saraya

    Oh yeah she was good. Powerful! had one of her cd's no idea where it has gone now!

    She's married to Brian Wheat of Tesla I think.

    For a brief minute, they divorced in the mid '90s. She's since remarried...to an actor and has 4 kids...gave up the music along time ago by all accounts.

  • Nice to see John Lawton/ Pete Golaby / Bernie Shaw get a mention (all ex/current Uriah Heep).

    How about............

    Terry Slessor Wilson - Beckett/ Crawler singer
    Kvein Cronin - REO Speedwagon - just check out You can Tune a Piano, Nine Lives and the Live - You get What You Play For albums.
    John Sloman - Lone Star (ex Heep) Firing On All Six is awesome with him on vocals
    Corey Glover - Living Colour singer

    Thats all I can think of.

  • Chris, next time you play REO's You Get What You Play For album, listen real close, you might hear me on there. :lol: I was at the St. Louis show where some of those of tracks are from. :)

    Chip, Pete's latest incarnation of Leafhound released an album called 'Unleashed'.......definitely has that 70's feel! :thumbup:

    Yeah Chuck, Unleashed has been on my want list for some time, just haven't got it yet. Do you have their Growers of Mushrooms album? Great album. Freelance Fiend is one of my favorite tracks.

  • Name-dropping galore! :cool:

    Thanks for the tips. Gotta check the Leafhound album out, and a few others... :thumbup:

    There were actually two bands called FM, weren't there? The one I have is a Progressive outfit from Toronto who released an album called Black Noise in 1977. They're only a three-piece. Steve Overland must have been in the other FM then! Don't have any of their albums :huh:

    I don't consider Steve Walsh that obscure, especially because you can hear him singing on the radio numerous times each day.
    If he is, Bad Delp (RIP) is obscure too, and maybe even Eric Martin, Wild World and To Be With You aside - or do you think that anybody can name the singer, not the band!?
    I agree with Todd that John Elefante is obscure though. Very obscure ;)
    And Corey Glover - fantastic singer. Obscure? I'm not sure he is.

    I thought I'll throw in more names anyway... :)

    Hasse Fröberg (The Flower Kings)
    Kevin Gilbert (RIP)
    Mike Patto (RIP)
    Murray Head

    and Sananda Maitreya who used to be quite famous when he was still called Terence Trent D'Arby.


  • Chris, i bought that on vinyl for 50p at a record fair!

    I couldnt believe they ripped off the Burn riff on one of the songs :mad: :eek:

    I got it for 4 or 5 pounds in nice condition :cool:

    The tricky thing about this record is, that it has a mirror kind of reflective front sleeve that gets worn very easily. Therefore it's hard to come across a decent copy on vinyl.

    Good album. One of Sloman's better performances. Contrary to his stint in Gary Moore's band!


  • I bought this album Avalon by Richie Zito. Richie is a great producer who has worked with some very good artists like Richie Kotzen, Eddie Money, Tyketto, Mr Big... He is also a good guitarist and songwriter and made this album with several guest vocalists he has worked with in the past. There is a singer called Hugo Valenti who is great but pretty unknown to the masses.

  • Hi,

    I totally agree with the most of the singers mentioned here, specially Aldo Nova or Pete Goalby, and I would like to add one to the list: Rob Lamothe, the first Riverdogs cd is one of my favourite ones.




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