Thin Lizzy breaks up

  • This thread is now officially obsolete and should be re-titled "Thin Lizzy breaks up... and reforms - again!" (David - possible?), since Scott Gorham together with Brian Downey (founding member of Thin Lizzy), Darren Wharton, Vivian Campbell, Marco Mendoza and Ricky Warwick has formed a new band called....


    Read all about it in the latest issue of Classic Rock, or HERE.

    I recently had the pleasure to meet and chat with Marco Mendoza after a very intimate solo show here in Vienna and he mentioned that loads of Promotion (Press, TV etc.) has already been prepared for the launch of the new line-up. This is a tribute to Phil Lynott, and all about bringing his music to a big audience in a big way, not the kind of show that John Sykes had put on which lacked support from a major record company etc.

    Universal Music are preparing (deluxe) reissues of the Thin Lizzy catalogue starting in the autumn. :cool:

    As usual, the fan base is VERY divided, especially because the new management has booked a show on January 4th in Dublin against the traditional (in its 25th year!) 'Vibe for Philo'. A very unpopular decision.
    Besides Lizzy without Lynott will never be Lizzy. In my opinion this could still be a very cool act, and I'm looking forward to seeing what the fuss is all about. Should be great.
    And mind you - I don't mind the backlist being reissued - the Mercury remasters were a shame!




  • Wow - a show in Dublin on 4th Jan to mark Phils passing 25 years ago! That means I'm the big 30 then on that day! I may have now found what I will do to celebrate as I think it would be very interesting to see this collaboration of musicians together performing a Thin Lizzy set - as you say Christian -without Lynott it's just not Thin Lizzy! I too will be looking forward to this though all the same!

    Love and hugs xxx :)

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