New HD video Message from Glenn

  • Hey everyone,

    Glenn has just left us all a brand new HD video message filmed the other weekend while in Cannock with his Mom and Dad :cool:

    Be sure and check it out from the front page of the web site :thumbup:

    But do also watch it, in all it's glory, in full screen, right here below, courtesy of the YouTube section of the site :cool1:

    [video=Message from Glenn Hughes - June 2009]93[/media]

  • Tkank you, Glenn, for this video! I'm so glad to see your mom and dad, they are really a very sweet, nice couple!
    God bless!

  • Finally, we get to see Mum and Dad Hughes!

    Thank you Gabi, for always being such a great photographer,
    reporter, and now.......videographer for the GHCPs.

    Thank you Glenn, for introducing us to your lovely folks.

    And especially........thank you, Mr. And Mrs. Hughes,
    for putting up with "little Glennie" whenever he drove you crazy.

    And added thanks for naming our boy, OOPS, I mean YOUR BOY,
    after that unforgettable American musician ~ Glenn Miller.
    (You could have named him after another American musician,
    but then your son's name would have been ~ Sousa Hughes.) :lol:

    PS......I can't get over how much Glenn looks like both his parents!
    This video certainly puts to rest, the story that baby Glenn was purchased
    from a troup of wandering circus performers.



  • I did meet Glenn's parents a few years ago - lovely people and yes Grace, he looks so much like them. Doesn't mum look a classy lady? :rose:

    Aptly, my dad was 74 today and we video'd both mum and dad for posterity. You just never know, do you ... ? Was gonna put a small pic of him and my GRANDSON :D here but didn't know how to or if it would be okay anyhow.

    'You thought that you could take me for granted, but I couldn't take it no more. Better run if you see me coming ... '

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