• HI Guys;
    It is a distinct pleasure, to finally post on this forum, I especially want to shout out to Annette Galley, a sweet, wonderful lady, who was very gracious at the Robin 2 Trapeze gig, in Wolverhampton last night, and too the legendary Andy Attwood, the original Trapeze Roadie, who is the most Loyal and sweet guy you could wish to meet.
    The Trapeze footage shown at the Robin2 was not of high quality, and in fact the final reel of footage, was from a DVD in Melvilles collection, that I had filmed at the final 2 UK Shows, from the Original Robin, Brierley Hill, back in March 1994. I note this mentioned, elsewhere in the forum (many years ago) by long standing Trapeze fan (and forum stalwart) Chutsler from Boston. Many of the live images from this final shown in the gallery (supplied by Chutsler) were taken by myself.
    I have arranged to update the quality of this original footage, and more importantly the sound quality from recently found tapes, via Glenns manager Carl. I hope that this new version can be shown, at some future date. It is historic footage of Melville and Glenn, et al, and should be shown.
    Glenns recent gigs at the Robin2 were stunning, during the soundcheck he ran through 'Nancy Grey', sadly I missed the close of the evening show, so not sure if he encored Nancy or not. He did play 'Good Love', using Melvilles 'Black Beauty'. Will be uploading a couple of images from both nights.
    Want to say Thank you Glenn for a spectacular performance, and some real surprises (as ever) and a shout out to Chutsler, I got here in the end.
    Heads up for fans of Glenn and or Trapeze, the 'Alive Drive' wristband, is being used to download both nights of the Robin2 shows, (how cool is that) available in around 2 weeks.
    Follow the Dream folks..
    Will J

    Keep the Dream

  • Will, How the hell are you man?! Where have you been?...What have you been up to?!! When I sent Fedor copies of some of your photographs I made damn certain that YOU got the credit for taking them. Welcome to the forum FINALLY!!! I transferred your video of the Robin Hood reuion show to disc and sent Chip (who is a MAJOR Trapeze fan) a copy. It didn't turn out too bad. Hope you decide to stick around :clapper: :bouncer: :singer:

    p.s. It's Baltimore....not Boston.....

  • Chip, I'd like to introduce to you to an old friend of mine...Will Johnston.....Will and I were trading Trapeze/Glenn Hughes material before the internet really got in gear....back in those days we depended on snail mail....somehow we lost touch but now it looks like he's finally found his way here!!! He's a really good guy and a BIG TRAPEZE/GLENN FAN!!! It was his video of the '94 reunion show that I sent you on disc!



  • Hey Chuck, Will can't be too bad of a guy if he's a fan of Trapeze and Glenn's. Thanks to both of you for the dvd :thumbup:

    Will, too bad you we didn't know of you sooner, I was up in your neck of the woods last year on a tour with Mr. & Mrs. Wolfysmith. We could have met up for a couple of cold ones :)


  • HI Chip; Chuck;
    thanks for vote of confidence, will do my best to quickly update the 94 video with better sound, if I take it a song at a time, shouldnt take to long. Love this forum, keep up the good work everyone. let me know next time your up here in the Lakes Chip?
    Will J

    Keep the Dream

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