Trapeze night Robin 2 Bilston 7th June 2009

  • Hey everyone! Home from Sheffield - and boy how sad to come away form what really has been the most amazing weekend!

    Saturdays show was awesome and the atmosphere in the crowd was something else, the groove was really going on in the crowd which was fantastic!

    Glenn was in fine form as was he at Childlien Rocks earlier in the week! He never fails to blow me away and excels his previous performances each time, but then again you always get somethign that little bit iferent to make it so special!
    Steve Stevens, well what cam I say, he really made me stand up and pay attention, complete power house and boy has he got soul!
    Great to see Jeff back with Glenn again, he adds somethign extra to the songs and his sound is good!
    And of course I love Anders to pieces! That guy is just the best!

    I have to say this band line up is very special indeed!
    Sundays Trapeze session was incredibly special. Setlist was:

    1.) Way Back To The Bone
    2.)Touch My Life
    3.) Jury
    4.) Keepin Time
    5.) Coast To Coast (Glenn played Mels Black Beauty for the next three)
    6.) Seaful
    7.) Good Love
    8.) Your Love is alright
    9.) Medusa
    10.) You are the Music
    Encore Black Cloud

    Jury was such an intense performance and was a high of te night for me, although it is so hard ot pick individual bits out that were the best bits as it was all so increbidly entertaining, funking, the vibe was so brilliant!

    One thign I really enjoyed was the jamming that was happenign on stage, all 4 of the guys just gelled so well and went with it with a spectacualarly entertaining result that gave more funk and soul to shimmy the night away!

    It as really great to see so many familiar faces too and meet some more GHPG people I haven't yet met! Nath, Jerome, Mike, Mick, Lee, Penny, Wolfy, Karen, Pete, Chris, David, Shirean, Paul J, Another Karen and her friends and everyone else who I've missed, it was just great hanging out with all of you!

    Lovely to see Gabi again too, it's always good to see Glenn with Gabi, as individuals they are both such funny and great people and it is so lovely to see them together!

    Thansk everyone for what really ahs been a brilliant weekend! See you all at the next one! xxx

    Love and hugs xxx :)

  • Hi


    Glenn of course was on fire!

    Wolfy, Chris, David and Shirean, was nice to meet you briefly :thumbup:
    And also of course my fellow member of the Sheffield Branch of the GHCP'S, Marie.

    Paul J

  • Forgot to mention Nathalie and Jerome, 1000 apologies!

    Oh and to the girl who fainted prior to the start of the show, hope you are ok and managed to see a fantastic performance!

    Paul J

  • As a new member to the forum this is my first post so here goes.

    Have been a Trapeze and Glenn hughes fan for over thirty years and was lucky enough to see the trapeze gig at the old robin in 92 with mel galley playin guitar I was a little apprehensive about last nights gig as to whether it could live up to expectation. Well it did more than that it was an outstanding performance by Glenn and the band.

    To hear those songs played again so well proves that Trapeze music is timeless any of the songs performed last night could appear on any modern recording and still feel fresh and new.

    glenn showed what a versatile musician he is with his guitar playing on three songs using the black beauty les paul (mel galley's guitar)

    The whole night was very informal from start to finish with Glenn in good humour even an appearance on stage by Ian Sludge Lees to say a joke!

    We as fans should campaign to have this night as an annual event to keep the Trapeze music alive.

    The whole show was filmed aswell lets hope a video is available soon.

    Set list as far as I remember
    Way back to bone
    Touch my life
    Coast to coast
    (song written for third album not sure of title)
    keepin time
    Your love is alright
    you are the music
    Black cloud (encore)

    That it end of report KEEP TRAPEZE MUSIC ALIVE :thumbup:

  • Well last night was absolutely stunning. The band were on fire, and Glenn was back in 1971 for 2 hours.

    The best thing about last night was the fact that the music Trapeze wrote was and still is, way ahead of its time.
    It was amazingly funky, powerful and soulful, and it really lept out of the speakers and off the stage last night.

    For a while now, Glenn has concentrated on his recent material and tried to cast adrift aspects of his past. Us hardcore fans have really appreciated that, as it has given us the chance to hear newer material live.

    But after last night, I feel Trapeze music should ALWAYS be given top billing in Glenns set.

    I also like the idea of an annual Trapeze night....

    Thanks Glenn, for a stunning performance and reminding me (as if i ever forgot) that what you wrote as a teenager was pure genius.

    It was also a fitting tribute to Mel. I am sure he was fist pumping up there somewhere!


  • Sunday was indeed a great day and nice to chat with so many people. So good to hear all those Trapeze songs played live again. I'm looking forward to downloading the show when it becomes available.
    Here's a photo i took of Wolfy and friends outside the Robin. I think I had about four cameras at one point!



  • So awesome that everyone had a great time !!! I told Kenny next time Glenn plays in Europe, we have to go!!! (We have never even been there...) :eek:

    Glenn really is on fire lately-- the NY shows were so good it was almost surreal....

    Really hope to see you all in the States again soon...

    Carolyn G

  • Sunday Night was simply fantastic, a breathtaking performance from Glenn and the band, ranking among the best concerts I have ever been to (and I've been to many!)

    It is really astonishing how fresh the songs still sound today.

    Glenn pointed out how much he loved the improvised parts, and you could really feel the great vibes coming from the stage - and from the audience!

    When I walked outside the venue in the afternoon, I thought I heard bits of Will Our Love End from the soundcheck, but it was obviously Good Love - a big surpise in the setlist. Wonderful song.

    My favourites were Jury, Keeping Time and Medusa.
    I loved the chit chat between the songs, and Glenn asking his old friend Sludge on stage to tell a joke was really something else.

    I have already raved about the band in the Saturday thread, but I'd ike to point out Jeff's performance on Sunday especially. He gave the songs an excellent treatment in his own style, while staying true to the original.

    Meeting Glenn after the show and hanging out with a couple of GHCP, Jeff, Steve Stephens and Anders at the bar was very enjoyble, and apart from chatting we took some nice pictures.

    I couldn't sleep for a long time the following night and had to go to the Art Gallery Monday Morning to calm down for my return journey home... ;) :D





  • Yes, you did! Thanks again - my camera was one of them ;)

    WHAT A WEEKEND!!! It was great to meet you all.
    Chip, Pete, Dani, Shirl - pity you couldn't make it - we missed you!

    Have posted more thoughts in the separate threads in 'Reports & Pictures'...




  • As there are 2 separate reports for each night ... forgive the repetition here :) But the pix and clips are different :cool:

    First off, apologies for the slow reporting, Shirean and I are also on a mini-vacation, so have been takin' it relaxed and easy for a change!

    Lots more when we return home, but meantime, here's a taster with a coupla' movie clips and pix to tide you over until then :D

    It was a wonderful weekend, despite being over way too quickly. It was great to see everyone, old and new :cool1:

    Glenn and the band were on fire and delivered the goods big time! What an honour to have been able to attend this unique event. It was so good to hear some of the Trapeze songs that haven't had an airing before and same goes for the Hughes/Thrall numbers which were welcomed back by everyone :thumbup:

    Good news for those who weren't able to make it, the shows were filmed and recorded and you'll soon be able to see them for yourself via the new Alive Drive offering. Even more good news... the drive will be on sale here on the site shortly, so you too will have the chance to pick one up!

    More next week, until then...

    Set list - June 7th, 2009

  • WOW, what a fantastic night and a fantastic weekend :bouncer: :D :clapper:

    Jeff Kollman absolutely nailed it as far as i am concerned. he put his own style onto all those classic songs but played them with a passion and style true to the originals :thumbup: :guitarmet Jeff told me after the show he felt honoured to be the guy to get to play all these great songs with Glenn.

    Steve was just awesome. kept the power and groove going all night long and loved the interplay between himself, JK and GH :thumbup: :drummer:

    Anders didnt have so much to do due to it being songs for a 3 piece band but nevertheless he added his layers of sound with all the usual skill :thumbup: :keys:

    As for Glenn, you could see, feel and hear just how much all these songs meant to him :bow: :singer: :yes:

    An emotional night for a lot of people for a lot of reasons. im sure Mel would have approved. :heart::cool:

    i think this could be the best GH gig i have ever seen but that's a hard thing to decide due to it being all Trapeze songs, emotional for me, and therefore a different situation. the previous night runs it a close second and could really be the best overall solo show due to the setlist selection.

    the only downer of the whole weekend was my camera going mad :mad: during Good Love. i could see the set list taped to the side cabinet by Jeff and got the video going before they started as its a big favourite of mine. Glenn tells the crowd about it then mentions me! wow, finally ive caught a namecheck on video! but then about a minute into the song my camera turns itself off even thought the batteries are fully charged :mad: :confused: :( then i turn it back on and it starts recording from the start of the memory card and overwrote everything already on it. what a ******* disaster :(

    here's a few pics - check out my tshirt :D

    oh, and i also met Raven Vandelle afterwards too.

  • David, thanks for the video snippets from the 'Trapeze Night' at the Robin 2!!! Wish the whole thing could've been recorded 'professionally' for posterity!!! :bow:

  • Wish the whole thing could've been recorded 'professionally' for posterity!!!

    Don't forget, the 2 shows were pro-shot and as of July 1st; you'll be able to stream them both, by using the new "Alive Drive" offering that will be available here on the site, any day now!

    So not too worry, they're coming very soon :) :cool1:

  • HI Bassthing, great post and welcome aboard we are both newbies, but its a fantastic forum and a great site,

    Keep the Dream

  • Don't forget, the 2 shows were pro-shot and as of July 1st; you'll be able to stream them both, by using the new "Alive Drive" offering that will be available here on the site, any day now!

    So not too worry, they're coming very soon :) :cool1:

    I would much prefer a 2 dvd package of the Robin weekend in stereo/5.1
    Sifo UK

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