Robin 2 - First Night

  • One down.....One to go....
    Great gig tonight, lets start with the set list

    Muscle and Blood
    You Got Soul
    Sail Away
    Love Communion
    Dont let me Bleed
    Whats Going On Here
    Holy Man
    Steppin On

    Hold out Your Life

    I might have missed one or two out, but never the less a few suprises.

    Feedback dogged the first 2 songs but GH gave the sound guy a good talking too and it was sorted.
    Glenn seemed in a really good mood, funny and chatting plenty!

    The band....... just Anders, he will never do a Keith Emerson, I think we know that, but he does compliment Glenn, and thats good enough for me.
    The Drummer, Steve Stephens....simply the best drummer Glenn has had behind him, bar NONE, awesome.
    I love Jeff Kollman, however he is prone to mistakes and maybe non guitarists didnt spot them, and having the song structures written on paper on the floor kinda makes me feel let down!

    High point.....Whats Going on here

    Low Point......Jeff, learn the freakin songs!

    Bit worried about tomorrow, maybe Trapeze music should be left where it is???????

    But....roll on tomorrow anyway!
    Cheers Glenn, a good night all round!!!


  • yeah, i spotted the mistake in Holy Man but he just pulled out of the solo run in time. at least he laughed about it to GH on stage and they carried on. only diehards would have realised but thats live RnR for you rather than Britney Spears miming! Jeff was red hot otherwise - stunning opening for Mistreated which looks and sounds just amazing on my 36inch tv in widescreen :D :D :D :D


    Steve is a real powerhouse :drummer: didnt miss a thing. excellent.

    each show i see i think its the best ever. this set list was a perfect selection of old and new. the 2 Hughes Thrall tracks were great show open/close songs. Worth coming just for them.

    i thought once the sound problem was sorted that it was crystal clear the rest of the night.

    whats goin on here was superb. Anders can clearly be heard on my video :D :keys:

    best version of Dont Let Me Bleed i have seen. probably true for a couple of others (Stepping On definately). Steve and Jeff really do add something extra.

    i bought the Live Drive. not plugged it in yet as still downloading ;) but if this show is shot as well as i hope (and my vids look and sound great) then £20 is well worth it. spotted at least 3 cameras (1 fixed, 1 hand held at the back of the stage and 1 hand held on the left hand side in the crowd. i think they announced the audio would be available to Live Drive people next week. is that right David?

    great to meet MikeyD, Keith Thompson, Chris Loeb, Marie Wilkes, Nath and Jerome, Lee (WartyPig) and a few others i know from Myspace.

    And Chip, loads of people asked how you were and why you couldnt make it! Your fame as Mr Trapeze is worldwide

    Only one person asked me where IDWTLTWA was. GH explained to me that the band have spent loads of time learning TRAPEZE songs that it had to be left for another time

    Currently watching Glenn Hughes, Dont Let Me Bleed, The Robin2 6th June 2009

    :ghcp: "It's in my blood"

  • Great gig last night, starting and finishing with my fave Hughes/Thrall tracks,'muscle and blood' as an opener was amazing:eek:. Even after being ill recently, Glenn was as sensational as ever. I find the sound so much better at the Robin than at Jb's you can really appreciate the vocal tone.
    Only spotted the 'Holy man' mistake by JK. I'm not technical where guitarists are concerned, but I agree JK was otherwise red hot, much better than the M4TD tour. I'm also not technical with drummers either but Steve Stephens:bow:.
    Only one wish for tonight 'What is a woman's role.'

  • I'm not one for meet and greets so I thought I'd get to my PC and be the first to say what a FANTASTIC show tonight was !!
    I'm sure there will be a proper review as the others get home - and I'm sure there will be a debate about the "film show" !!:huh:
    But tonight, the legend of Trapeze lived on.

  • Hey everyone! Home from Sheffield - and boy how sad to come away form what really has been the most amazing weekend!

    Saturdays show was awesome and the atmosphere in the crowd was something else, the groove was really going on in the crowd which was fantastic!

    Glenn was in fine form as was he at Childlien Rocks earlier in the week! He never fails to blow me away and excels his previous performances each time, but then again you always get somethign that little bit iferent to make it so special!
    Steve Stevens, well what cam I say, he really made me stand up and pay attention, complete power house and boy has he got soul!
    Great to see Jeff back with Glenn again, he adds somethign extra to the songs and his sound is good!
    And of course I love Anders to pieces! That guy is just the best!

    I have to say this band line up is very special indeed!
    Sundays Trapeze session was incredibly special. Setlist was:

    1.) Way Back To The Bone
    2.)Touch My Life
    3.) Jury
    4.) Keepin Time
    5.) Coast To Coast (Glenn played Mels Black Beauty for the next three)
    6.) Seaful
    7.) Good Love
    8.) Your Love is alright
    9.) Medusa
    10.) You are the Music
    Encore Black Cloud

    Jury was such an intense performance and was a high of te night for me, although it is so hard ot pick individual bits out that were the best bits as it was all so increbidly entertaining, funking, the vibe was so brilliant!

    One thign I really enjoyed was the jamming that was happenign on stage, all 4 of the guys just gelled so well and went with it with a spectacualarly entertaining result that gave more funk and soul to shimmy the night away!

    It as really great to see so many familiar faces too and meet some more GHPG people I haven't yet met! Nath, Jerome, Mike, Mick, Lee, Penny, Wolfy, Karen, Pete, Chris, David, Shirean, Paul J, Another Karen and her friends and everyone else who I've missed, it was just great hanging out with all of you!

    Lovely to see Gabi again too, it's always good to see Glenn with Gabi, as individuals they are both such funny and great people and it is so lovely to see them together!

    Thansk everyone for what really ahs been a brilliant weekend! See you all at the next one! xxx

    Love and hugs xxx :)

  • Hi

    First show on saturday was great. A few sound hitches. One minute Glenn or Jeff was asking for their respective instruments to be turned up, then down.

    Highlights of the show, definitely muscle and blood, and the two encores of Crave and Hold Out Your Life! The band was smokin' for the encores. Can't rave about Steve enough, fantastic drumming.

    Paul J

  • Had an absolutely brilliant weekend, now today feels flat in comparison.

    The two gigs were brill but for me the Saturday night had the edge, though i did hang around to meet Glenn after the Trapese show last night.:)

    Afew people comented on the sound on Saturday night but on Sunday up untill Glenn played the Gibson Les Paul guitar i was struggling with my ears piercing when Glenn hit the high notes (which he does so brilliantly).

    It was great see so many like minded people and particually enjoyed chatting to Marie and her boyfriend(sorry i don't remember his name).

    Hope that it's not too long before i get to see Glenn again, and thanks for a great weekend

  • Hi Karen - it was realy nice to meet you there too, my other half is Martin, but I didn't catch your other halfs name either, we are women though i suppose and filter out the important stuff to remember (I might be in trouble now for that). Did you manage to get your pic? Had to shot off and get home, would have loved to have hung around longer with everyone! Really missed seeing Dani and Pete, shame you guys couldn't make it over xxx

    Love and hugs xxx :)

  • Hi Marie, (and martin), my husbands name is Keith.
    I didn't manage to get my picture taken, i asked the woman with the short red hair but she said that she didn't have her camera there. Anyother woman said that she could take my photo but she didn't know how to send it via the computer. so never mind i've had it taken about 4 times previously,but a good few years ago now.-i'll be better prepaired next time.
    Hope your day a work was ok and you weren't flagging too much!!
    Take care, Karen.

  • Well, I'm back home from the UK - arrived late last night...


    Saturday's show was fantastic.
    Good they got the feedback problem sorted early in the set.
    The setlist was exceptional.
    Best versions I have heard of Don't Let Me Bleed and - believe it or not - Mistreated!
    Hold Out Your Life .... what can I say - my favourite Hughes/Thrall song!
    I struggled holding back the tears.

    The band in my opinion is the best Glenn has had.
    Jeff is an exceptional guitar player, technically and creatively.
    Steve Stephens... I still can't believe the drummer (how many times I must have said this at the weekend... I can't remember!)
    And Anders of course - fabulous!

    And I had an absolute blast meeting and hanging out with lots of GHCP - Wolfy, Marie & Martin, David & Shirean, Mikey, Paul from Sheffield and then of course the French Glenn Hughes Connection!

    Will post a couple of pics in the Gallery shortly..., and a few bits and thoughts about Sunday in the other thread...




  • As there are 2 separate reports for each night ... forgive the repetition here :) But the pix and clips are different :cool:

    First off, apologies for the slow reporting, Shirean and I are also on a mini-vacation, so have been takin' it relaxed and easy for a change!

    Lots more when we return home, but meantime, here's a taster with a coupla' movie clips and pix to tide you over until then :D

    It was a wonderful weekend, despite being over way too quickly. It was great to see everyone, old and new :cool1:

    Glenn and the band were on fire and delivered the goods big time! What an honour to have been able to attend this unique event. It was so good to hear some of the Trapeze songs that haven't had an airing before and same goes for the Hughes/Thrall numbers which were welcomed back by everyone :thumbup:

    Good news for those who weren't able to make it, the shows were filmed and recorded and you'll soon be able to see them for yourself via the new Alive Drive offering. Even more good news... the drive will be on sale here on the site shortly, so you too will have the chance to pick one up!

    More next week, until then...

    Setlist - June 6th, 2009

    Sound Check - June 6th, 2009

  • Are we allowed to post pictures here? (I am new here, please don't beat me up). Last year I was at a friends how listening to her music and was really blown away I remember squealin' "Wow who's this!!" My friend Hel smiled and said "Welcome to my world".

    I saw Glenn last year in liverpool it was a great concert.

    We had a marvellous time at the Robin. Glenn is a great stage entertainer, and knows how to work his audience.

    I am sifting through all my pictures that I have taken and if I am allowed would happily post some


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