• I am finally putting the Hughes/Thrall 2 album behind me...it was 10 years ago that we started this production. It was never completed...I want the legacy of the only Album we made, to live on...my own Productions are done on a time scale that are pre-planned on a schedule that works for me, as I grow as an Artist.

    Usually the writing, pre-production, recording, mixing and mastering, takes no longer than 6 months. Pat wanted to produce H/T 2 alone...10 years to finish an album?

    Let's please put this behind us as we move forward with our lives...

    The best is yet to come.

    Love, Faith and Soul...

  • I'm sad to hear that but it's probably for the best :(

    Does this also mean you will never record these songs or is there a chance of them being used for different projects in the future?

  • The best is yet to come.

    I firmly believe it. I see very few artists that could easily rest on their laurels that keep reaching deep on a personal level with each try in the studio. I am truly glad for YOU that if you don't feel it now that you put it in the dust of the past, no matter how many people want it to happen...It's your legacy, you have to make your work count for you, and it will stand the test of time for us.

  • :confused: :huh: what a sad end to the project :(


    thanks glenn

    its pat's fault not yours

    you were keen to do it but pat.....lost the momentum

    thank you glenn

    welcome home

    From now on....

    :guitarmet \m/

  • One of them has already been used..."Satellite" on his latest release.

    David, are you serious?

    "Satellite" was supposed to be on Hughes/Thrall 2?

    I finagled my CD player's "repeat/memory" buttons almost from when I first got Glenn's CD
    "F.U.N.K." so that I've had "Satellite, Imperfection, and Where There's a Will There's a Way"
    playing together......non-stop. Those 3 songs sounded as if they belonged together.
    And now you tell us that this was supposed to be on H/T 2?

    I don't usually like to second-guess people, but what on earth was Pat Thrall waiting for?

    And thank you, Glenn, for "rescuing" an incredible song, and putting it on the CD.
    And the lyrics to "Satellite" are some of the most thought-provoking that you've ever written.
    Right alongside "I don't want to live that way again."
    And lyrics don't get much better than that.



  • Obviously a mjor fall out with Pat Thrall.

    Ah well, at leat we have H/T1, which is an all time classic.

  • Obviously a mjor fall out with Pat Thrall.

    There's no "fall out" Chris, it's simply a case of the job not being completed and as Glenn is the one in the public eye, getting all the questions about it...and since there's no progress being made, he's disappointingly putting it behind him. Simple as that really ;)

  • Great minds..and all dat.

    Yes, you are totally correct.

    One of us is a trained musician from Texas, and one of us isn't.
    But we know exactly what it is that we're listening to when we hear it;
    and we know what we like. And by comparison we've listened to enough
    garbage that we recognize the good stuff....which is why we're GHCPs.

    I've always been fascinated by the fist-fights that erupt around here,
    between the "The Voice of Rock" fans, versus the "The Voice of Funk" fans.
    Sometimes I feel as if I'm the only GHCP who wants to vote for "The Voice of Smooth Jazz."
    (Not to be confused with the Dixieland "When the Saints Go Marching In" variety.)
    And I know that I'm probably the only one around here who wants to vote for
    "Glenn Hughes ~ The Voice of Latin."

    I'll tell you a (hopefully) funny story ~

    My youngest daughter, Joy Elizabeth, was severely involved in music during her high school years.
    She was in the marching band....as a flag/ color guard, and can also toss around a saber or
    a (wooden) rifle as crisp as any US Marine. She was in the regular choir, and also in the "Show Choir"
    which sang and sometimes danced to more complicated stuff. They did a version of "Over the Rainbow"
    and "Velvet Shoes" while sitting on bar stools, that made you cry like a weenie.

    Anyway.....one day Joy came home from school.....really aggravated.
    "Well, I hope that you're happy, mom" she said.
    "Huh?" said I.

    "Miss Lynch gave us the song list for the Show Choir. The usual Broadway show tune medley,
    the French ronde/ rondeley (sp?) the Negro Spiritual, and some cockamamie Gregorian Chant in Latin!"
    Yep, I was secretly delighted.

    *** When I first heard Glenn's Christmas CD, with the un-expected and spectacular version of "Ave Maria"
    I laughed at the mental picture of Sister Laetitia (La-tee-see-yah) grabbing Glenn, putting him in our
    high school's uniform, plopping a wig on his head, and making him a member of the all-girl chorus
    of Saint Joseph Hill Academy. The point being that if Sister Laetitia found something for us to sing in Latin....
    .....we sang it. (Of course, a wig would not have been necessary during Glenn's "California Jam" era. Ha, ha.)

    So each morning, as Joy took a shower and blow-dried her hair, she would practice singing in the tiled bathroom.
    I have to admit that I enjoyed these early morning, snappy tunes, music-fests.....

    After a ton of paperwork, and a certified copy of everyone's birth certificate, off the Roxbury Township school
    buses went to Quebec, Canada, for a MAJOR HIGH SCHOOL STUDENT'S MUSIC FESTIVAL.
    The marching band was in a......marching band competition, and the Show Choir went into competition
    at the Sainte Anne de Baupre Cathedral in Quebec. (Your basic monster-sized, stone Gothic cathedral.)

    After being gone for a few days, the buses returned from Canada, and got to the school parking lot about
    2 o'clock in the morning. As I was driving her home, I asked Joy how the competition went. The little twerp
    answered with: "Mom, when we sang the Gregorian chant, we sounded like angels."

    I told her that Gregorian Chant was meant to be sung where the sound could bounce around the vast space
    of the stone walls; it was never meant to be sung in the comparitively small space of a cinder block, high school
    auditorium. Before we got home.......I asked her if she would sing that song in Latin for me, especially since:
    #1. As time went by, she would forget it.
    #2. I loved her enough to pick her up from school at 2 o'clock in the morning.
    #3. I was the Mommy.
    So I pulled the car over, and in the dark, "My Baby Joy" sang that hymn in Latin.
    Once again, I cried like a weenie.

    So this "Latin background" is one of the reasons why I'm hoping for a:
    "Glenn Hughes ~ The Voice of Latin" t-shirt, to be available soon.
    (Yeah, like this is gonna' happen......probably the day after the DP Mk3 reunion concert.)



  • Great story! My daughter used to sing with and for me, I cried when she sang a song in little club I was playing at, cried right in front of everyone. lol That was not the place for tears...lol...but I didn't care.

    Glenn does Gregorian chanting....that would be cool...

    You call it his smooth jazz voice...I know what you mean, but wouldn't characterize it as that exactly..but close...but I was just talking to Susan about his "beautiful" voice when he sings those songs...a song that made me love it years ago was "Seafull"....
    he uses it a lot on M4TD..."This House" and others. It's almost my favorite part of his voice, tied for first place with the rest of them. :) Oh, yea, that conversation brought us around to the conclusion of why we can listen to Glenn so constantly and never get tired of it...he has such a range of style, all passionate. Doesn't get old.

  • I cried when she sang a song.........cried right in front of everyone.

    Yep, sounds af if you're another weenie GHCP crybaby.
    "You Keep On Moving" does it for me.
    Always ~ Glenn live, and some recorded versions.


    Glenn does Gregorian chanting....that would be cool...

    Remember a while back, we had a thread about what Glenn can't sing?
    The general opinion was that he could sing everything.
    I'm still trying to live down my suggestion that GH could do justice to polka music. :rolleyes:


    You call it his smooth jazz voice...I know what you mean,
    but wouldn't characterize it as that exactly

    I was thinking along the lines of Glenn's work on the album, "The Alchemist"
    which it isn't too smart for me to mention, since the problems that
    that nameless jerk caused our boy. Vocals = GH - my foot.

    But who ever uses the word "ballad" when discussing Glenn's voice?


    the conclusion of why we can listen to Glenn so constantly
    and never get tired of it...he has such a range of style, all passionate.
    Doesn't get old.

    You guys took the words right out of my computer keyboard. :hi5:



  • Too bad! :(
    Just hope he will record "Pay The Price" someday:thumbup:
    That song is a great funk track that I think is just as cool
    as any of the others.
    Who says the album needs Pat anyway?:huh:
    Ritchie Kotzen or Stevie Salas would fit the bill just fine :bow:
    It's really all about the songs & that funky bass & that powerful
    yet silky smooth voice that keeps us coming back for more :bow:
    Looking forward to the next masterpiece :cool:


  • Those guitarists you mentioned are great but then the album would just sound like a Glenn Hughes solo album. I can't really name a guitarist that could come up with a sound like Thrall's. I think it would have to be some melodic rock/aor guitarist.

  • I've been compiling recently a list of musicians (mainly guitarists) who've completely "jumped the shark". What this means is they were so brilliant and talented but have never really met expectations in recent years, putting out no decent product. Pat certainly must be at the top of this list at this point. Others I rank here would include John Sykes, Jake E. Lee and George Lynch. This certainly is a disappointing end to what fans were expecting and it's silly- the album is written and finished, but just not the guitar parts????? A total frickin waste. And as was said on these threads here- Pat has a unique voice on the instrument and was needed to complete the project. Just wouldn't be the same to get somebody else to do it. I've never sat around thinking this was out next week anyway so yes I will "give it up. "

  • This is indeed very sad news. Hughes/Thrall is one of my favourite albums and I was waiting with bated breath for Hughes/Thrall 2 to be released.

    Scott made a statement earlier about the song Pay the Price and how good it is. I would like to heartily endorse that statement. I have a copy of the track on White Soul Rockin' Black and although the sound reproduction is not perfect, the song makes the hairs on the back of my neck stand on end. An absolutely brilliant track.

    Can't get enough of your music Glenn!!!!

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