Childline Rocks 2009 (O2, London)

  • This song You Keep On Moving has always been my absolute favourite and here performed by Glenn :heart: and Jon Lord - wow, it is so beautiful, I don't want it to end!!! :) :clapper:
    Thanks a lot for the video!
    :lips: :heart:

  • OK, add my name to the list with you other YKOM fans.
    Glenn has written an awful lot of spectacular music in the years
    since he and 'ole Dave wrote this snappy tune.
    There is nothing, to me, like "You Keep On Moving."

    Never get tired of listening to it; and I will be eternally grateful
    to whoever it was, who invented the "repeat button" on a CD player.
    There have been times when I've had that song playing for hours.
    As mentioned above....I never get tired of listening to "You Keep On Moving."
    How many "versions" of YKOM has Glenn sung over the years?
    A gazillion? I love them all.

    And the best part of this version?
    At the 30-second mark, Glenn looks and smiles at the mighty Mr. Lord.

    If a "look" ever meant ~
    "Who woulda' thunk it?......33 years after the last 1976?" :eek:
    ~ that look from Glenn, was it.

    And Glenn's encouraging comment later on....."Here we go, Johnny." :lol:

    I would pay a million dollars (if I had a million dollars) to have heard
    the conversation between these 2 guys before and after this performance.
    I hope that there will be future contact (personal and professional)
    between the 2 composers of "This Time Around."

    After all, didn't they go to school together?
    Wasn't it......Deep Purple University?
    Not too shabby none.......


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