Hughes and........LORD??????

  • Who's in the photograph on the home page?
    Glenn and.......who?
    Can it be?
    Glenn Hughes and Jon Lord?

    Glenn Hughes and Jon Lord?

    GLENN (formerly of Deep Purple) HUGHES and JON (formerly of Deep Purple) LORD?

    Glenn Hughes and Jon Lord?

    OK, now that I've recovered from the shock........:eek:........(not really).....
    I hope that Glenn used this opportunity to inform Mr. Lord that there are
    numerous GHCPs (not mentioning any names) who would kill for an Mk3 reunion.:axemurderer:

    And if everyone involved were to agree to get together for a charity concert,
    except for the original guitarist (I forget the guy's name)
    a replacement might be found; someone with a slight musical ability.
    Terry, Timmy,, I think the newcomer's name is Tony Iommi.
    This might work out well, if "the new guy" practices.

    I seem to remember a while back, either here or on,
    that during the release of "Fused" we were hoping for a concert tour
    of 2 cover bands: "Purple Sabbath" or "Deep Black." And on the fashion front,
    it appears that everyone involved already has the required black wardrobe.

    (Who'da thunk it?)


  • I'm afraid as good as Tony Iommi is, he simply couldn't do Blackmore's music justice. Just as Blackmore couldn't play Iommi's songs worth a darn either. Best to get Stuart Smith - the guy's a Blackmore clone of the highest order. The Strat, the style, the clothes, the moves...except he still has his original hair ;)


  • ...except he still has his original hair

    Geez, Todd,
    Isn't that like.......the worst insult from one guy to another? :rolleyes:
    If this Mk3 reunion bird ever flies, I don't think that Mr. Blackmore
    will be sending free tickets to the concert review personnel of "The Fuze."

    As you know, I frequently call you our R&R Encyclopedia, and usually whine
    a lot, about the publication date for your book "Rock and Roll Family Trees."
    But I think I remember that when Glenn worked with Stewart Smith on
    his CD, Glenn found it more hell than heaven. Ye 'ole artistic differences.

    If it turned out that Ritchie couldn't exchange his medieval music to spend
    one night with "Marshall and the Amps" then I still think that Tony Iommi
    would be a great idea. Three reasons why ~ Seventh Star, Eighth Star, OOPS,
    I mean The Dep Sessions, and Fused. How else are we fans ever gonna' hope
    to hear live.....your favorite "I Go Insane," and my favorite, "The Innocence"
    unless Glenn and Tony are on the same stage together?
    (Short of Plan B: kidnapping and duct-taping the two of them, of course.)

    Well, I'm gonna' go watch my vintage "DP People" video, where Mr. Lord talks about
    the 1970s version of Glenn Hughes......and I wonder what the conversation was like,
    surrounding the GH/JL photo from two days ago. Betcha' that it was light-years different.
    Tony Iommi had to change his former 1980s opinion since it's no longer accurate.
    And now......Jon Lord, too.

    Glenn ~
    I hope that you feel much better soon,
    especially for the Childline Rocks concert.
    Go get 'em.
    Show 'em all how it's done.


  • I just noticed this photo caption on today's (Saturday) Home Page:

    ......Glenn and Jon Lord, long lost brothers re-united in London
    this week, be on stage 2gether @ Childine on Mon/June 1..........

    I guess that our boy had to change his tune, from frequently mentioning
    during performances, that he's Jon Lord's illegitimate son :rolleyes:


    And what was that other Home Page "twitter" all about?
    "......My Brother David Coverdale told me last nite......."

    3 down.
    2 to go.

    Heh, heh, heh.


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