• Glenn is embracing some exciting new tools , that will see a link between YOU, the official Glenn Hughes web site, a fully functional Digital Online Store and the (NFF) ALIVE DRIVE :cool:

    The device is a USB drive that plugs into your computer (MAC or PC) where you then gain access automatically to the content via the ALIVE DRIVE operating system. It is designed as a wearable wristband, so as not to be easily misplaced!

    It will contain music audio of close to 50 songs, live video from the recent 2009 Boston, MA. USA gig PLUS live shows will now be made available going forward, utilizing the drive as the operating system. The ALIVE DRIVE will provide you 4-6 FREE concert downloads per year as well as news and special features - making it an incredible package and unparalleled value for money, for all fans :cool1:

    The ALIVE DRIVE will go on sale at Glenn's ROBIN Bilston (Wolverhampton), UK gigs from June 6th, 2009. Pricing will be approximately £18.00 (USD$30.00). Details on how to purchase post gig will follow soon.

    * Mac OS X v10.5 (Leopard) supported; Windows XP, Vista and 7 supported
    * Also requires a working USB 2.0 port
    * All other operating systems and versions are unsupported

    Included on the initial sale will be the following material...but do remember, further upcoming live shows will be available for download to the device as the weeks and months go by :cool:

    31 Track BEST OF GLENN HUGHES AUDIO (*tracklisting below)

    Live In Australia CD acoustic release

    Glenn Hughes MONKEY MAN
    Glenn Hughes THE DIVINE
    Deep Purple BURN
    Deep Purple YOU KEEP ON MOVING

    Love Communion Video
    We Shall Be Free Live Video

    From the F U N K album
    First Underground Nuclear Kitchen

    + promo photos etc related to release

    Classic Glenn photo gallery with photos from Deep Purple's 1975
    Australian shows

    90 minute concert from Boston, MA. USA - March 27th, 2009
    Video/Audio IN PACKAGE

    * Tracklisting

    1. Medusa - Trapeze
    2. You Are The Music - Trapeze
    3. Sail Away - Deep Purple
    4. Holy Man - Deep Purple
    5. You Can't Do It Right - Deep Purple
    6. Gettin' Tighter - Deep Purple
    7. LA Cut Off
    8. I Found A Woman
    9. Muscle And Blood
    10. So Much Love To Give
    11. Burn (Live)
    12. Coast To Coast (Live)
    13. Coffee And Vanilla
    14. I Don't Want To Live That Way Again
    15. The Way It Is
    16. Curse
    17. Double Life
    18. Midnight Meditated
    19. Can't Stop The Flood
    20. Don't Let It Slip Away
    21. Secret Life
    22. Dark Star
    23. Soul Mover
    24. Dopamine - Tony Iommi & Glenn Hughes
    25. Last Mistake
    26. Change Yourself
    27. Steppin' On
    28. You Got Soul
    29. Justine
    30. This Time Around (Live)
    31. Misty Mountain Hop

  • Can't wait to hear more about this and to find out when they go on sale. I was at the Boston gig, would love to have the video of that show!

  • Glad to hear you don't have to be at a show to buy one
    because that would really really suck!!!! :huh:

    I've been a fan since forever & have never gotten to see
    the GodFather of Funk live. When I lived in L.A. in 93 I
    had the chicken pox when he did the Ray Gillen Tribute show
    and some other shows those 10 days. Then I moved to WI
    and haved missed him. Almost saw him at a gig in Jersey
    back in 07 but I had to deal with a family thing which meant
    again the dream would have to wait. One day it will happen.

    At least I have vids of some of the shows :clapper:

    I love the direction Glenn is taking & await the next masterpiece!


  • just plugged in my Alive Drive bought at The Robin2 for £20 and having a quick play.

    the video from Boston is on it along with a few pics and a couple of mp3s.
    the video is good quality but a small picture size which i guess is due to the compression to keep the file size down as its a 2gb drive.

    it connects to the net and lets you download individual mp3 tracks from The Best Of cd.
    just done a couple to see how it works. quick and easy!

    the other videos appear to only be viewable and not downloadable?

    Im sure David will update us with instructions.

    i believe this kind of drive is known as a Sticky Drive!

    Currently watching Glenn Hughes, A Whiter Shade of Pale, on the Alive Drive!

    :ghcp: "It's in my blood"

  • Can the video of the Boston show be burned to DVD? I was at that show and would love to watch it on my TV!
    Thanks for the information!

  • I haven't tried yet,but the file is a quicktime file stored on the device, so it should be possible. I don't know whether it's available anywhere else but the shows though. I'm well impressed with it. A good buy indeed

  • Can the video of the Boston show be burned to DVD? I was at that show and would love to watch it on my TV!
    Thanks for the information!

    yes. i use a great bit of software called ConvertXtoDVD to stick the .mov files on my digital camera to dvds in TV format. it can choose NTSC or PAL.

    however, im not sure the quality would be good if resizing to a full widescreen tv based on how small the video is.

    the official launch of the Alive Drive is June 10th.

    From July 1st you should be able to stream the Robin2 concerts.

    David tells me that they will be available on this website real soon. he and Shirean are over here for a week so it wont be this week!

    :ghcp: "It's in my blood"

  • I got one from the Robin2 gig, and had a quick look when I got home.
    Initial thoughts are good, the Boston gig looked great, but as someone else mentioned the alive drive player seems to be a fixed small size.
    As expected when I opened it in quick time and expanded the screen size the quality diminished a bit. Great idea, hope it grows.
    Can't wait to see the Bilston gig(s).
    Initerested in getting it down on DVD to watch on my proper set up :)

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