Genesis & Trapeze 1970

  • The same year (august 24), Trapeze was the support act of another wellknow band... the WHO (at the Wolverhampton Civic Hall)

  • Trapeze opened several dates for The Who in 1970; I have the "Who Concert Guide" and will find those dates...the next time I go down to VA. The James Gang also opened a series of shows for The Who in that same time period; a time when The Who were gigging constantly and were white hot on stage.

    The show with Genesis was just after the release of the "Trespass" album and may have been around the time that Phil Collins had joined them as the new drummer. I think they were between guitarists at that time; Ant Phillips having left and Steve Hackett not yet on board. They did some shows as a quartet with Tony Banks using a fuzz electric piano to dep for the missing guitar.

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  • Yes, it would be interesting to know all these dates. On the following link, they speak about another support to the Who, in january 24, 1969, at the same Civic Hall, Wolverhampton...

    But I think the reviewer made a mistake about the date... as it's very soon after the creation of Trapeze, and as he speak about a 3 pieces band...

  • As many of you can testify, Trapeze were a pretty LOUD band a the time of opening for The Who. However, John Ogden recalls going on stage at the Civic in Wolverhampton to announce the bands, and he recalls The Who warming up in their dressing room and being so loud that they were totally audible to the crowd enjoying Trapeze out front!

  • David,

    Please don't forget to add these new dates to the wonderful tourography


    Don't worry, it won't be forgotten, as all the others won't be - it's being worked on as we speak, but as I'm sure you know, it's a huge task, what with everything else, so will take a little longer to complete. Will let you know when it's ready ;)

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