Glenn's Clobber (as he's put it on Twitter)

  • Glenn mentioned on Twitter recently that he was rummaging around his parents' attic when he was last in the UK.

    He mentioned that he had loads of "clobber" dating back years and particularly mentioned a lime green suit he used to wear !

    I replied to him saying it would be fascinating to see some of the clothes he used to wear back in the 70's and 80's.

    What do people think ?

  • I think we'd love to see some of the things Glenn has kept over the years. It would be very interesting.

    A couple years ago I talked with Mr. Hughes, Glenn's dad, the real Big Daddy ;) and he was telling me about the attic being full of stuff from Glenn's career.

    Now that Glenn is thinking about this, I hope he can find the time to get around to going through all of his memorabilia before it gets ruined. Wolfysmith was telling me that Mel had lost a lot of stuff because it wasn't stored properly and not in a proper location.

    You never know, Glenn's mum might get tired of storing it and have a yard sale :eek: ;)

  • That sounds like the same attic then Chip. He implied there were racks of gear grouped into racks by decade. Even just a few photos posted on here would be fascinating.

    If there's some that could be tracked back to classic concerts or video footage such as the California Jam then that would be fascinating.

    I imagine he has loads of stuff at his parents and some at home in LA as well as in storage somewhere. As you say if not properly looked after will just all just fall apart.

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