Live in Kyustendil, Bulgaria, 05/10/09

  • I've just returned from Kyustendil and I'm so excited! It was an amazing show - very different from the concert in Kavarna, but still great.

    Glenn, if you ever read this, I want to tell you that you are one of the greatest musicians on this planet! I can go every week to see you performing and I would never have enough of it. God bless you!

    So, this time we didn't witness the whole Burn album live but anyway the playlist was so diverse - this time they opened with Stormbringer and closed with Crave and finally Burn. There were some minor glitches but they didn't spoil the great atmosphere at all. We heard the usual suspects - Mistreated, You Keep On Moving and so on, but IMO the biggest surprise was the almost half an hour version of Gettin' Tighter. This was really amazing! It was a once in a lifetime pleasure for the senses. It was like Live in Tokyo in 1976 when they jammed it for 30 minutes. This time we had everything - drum solo, guitar solo, bass solo and Glenn's vocal solo. Really great piece of work. Glenn, thanks again. I love you so much! The concert got so furious at one moment that Jeff Kollman broke a string. He just started spinning it like a lasso, threw it to the audience and continued playing with 5 strings :) Then they had a quick word with Glenn and as he was improvising (as far as I remember) Steppin' On, Jeff changed the guitar.

    I took some photos and i will publish them tomorrow because I'm very tired now and have to sleep. Tomorrow we will go to see Glenn for the last time in Slavi Show. He promised to sing there a song or two and as far as I can predict, they will be This Time Around and Mistreated. We will see.

  • Fantastic pictures and a great report, mahalata!!!! :) :clapper:
    Thank you so much! I felt as if I were there!! Thanks a lot! :thumbup: :clapper:

  • Hello again!

    I am very sad to say that I am very disappointed with Slavi Show in which Glenn should have been a guest. I went to Slavi Show tonight in the studio but we didn't see any trace of Glenn there :confused: Finally, it turned out that they had shot an earlier version of the show couple of hours before the main show in which Glenn had been a guest but without the official audience. We were so ****ed up! Nobody knew that, because there were a few other fans who had come to see Glenn but they also left wondering what's going on :huh: As we were going out, we asked a boy from the staff about Glenn and he told us for the earlier shooting. He also told us that they wouldn't air the show with Glenn this time around because this was provided as a "spare" material - something like a filling in case they don't have enough material to fill the time up. I was totally devastated because I highly respect Slavi Show - it's the best show in Bulgaria but this was so ****ed up! I couldn't believe. Anyway I just wanted to let everybody know what actually went on with Glenn on the Slavi show. In any case this is not a Glenn's fault, but the show's.

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