Anyone else a bit worried?

  • The more I read about Glenn's work schedule, the more worried I get.

    He is just too damn busy! It is a health risk and he himself said I seem to spend my life in hotels and on airplanes. It bothers me that he rarely seems to stop (although he did have a recent break).

    Now don't get me wrong. I'm not complaining about the world tours, the albums, the collaborations, etc, etc, etc. But Glenn, if you read this, have a serious think about your schedule. You need to take care of yourself. Maybe others wouldn't say it, but in Australia you looked (to my eyes anyway) tired and a bit gaunt and I now read your stripping off more weight. I know you gotta do what you gotta do and I think I understand the passion and drive you feel for the music and the fans. I also understand you get your regular medical checks and all of that but man, just take care of yourself. You can't do what you do without health first.

    a (concerned) hughesfan

  • Thanks ever so much for your concern...yes, I was a 'lil tired in OZ (not on stage though)...I had crippling' Gaudes...from all the constant travel + staying' up late in the OZ weekends listening to Wolves win the Championship.

    I'm in great health and I have check ups 2 or 3 times EVERY year + 2 of my best friends are doctors who travel with me a lot...

    Regarding' my weight, I am not overweight, but I wanna get a bit more lean... eating non fat saturated foods is appealing 2 me... akin to what athletes eat.

    Much love


  • Cool. We didn't really have ya for a long while there so now that we do, we're gonna be lookin' out for ya :thumbup:

    Cheers, Glenn


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