• For those of you who enjoy discovering new bands, I highly recommend an up and coming British outfit by the name of
    Raven Vandelle. There is a GH connection (of course)! They feature Glenn's former Euro tour drummer, Matt Goom, on drums.

    It's quite an impressive line up...aside from Matt, there is bass player JIMI JIMMI (The Quireboys) , guitarist NIK CRUTCHLEY (Spike/ Phil Mogg) and the unknown vocal talents of TAYLOR!

    The band are currently in the studio recording their debut EP due to be released in June 2009. They make their live debut at Birmingham Academy on May 29th.

    Other live dates currently scheduled include:

    May 29th O2 BAR ACADEMY - Birmingham
    May 30th THE ASYLUM-CLIVE AID - Birmingham
    June 5th YARDBIRDS - Grimsby
    June 6th THE WHARF 10 - Walsall

    To keep up to date on the band and to hear some demo tracks go to http://www.myspace.com/ravenvandelle

  • the last one is walking distance from my office!

    but its on a saturday so i wouldnt be there anyway.

    in fact i will be at The Robin2 watching GLENN :D :singer: :bouncer:

    i wonder if Matt and the band will turn up to watch the Trapeze gig?

    Currently listening to Trapeze - Bad Kid From School

    :ghcp: "It's in my blood"

  • Thanks for this recommendation David.

    Very impressive set of demos on their mySpace site.

    Also nice to see them playing my hometown of Grimsby!!

    Mikey D

  • They'll be some more live dates announced in the next week or two.

    Matt and his new band Raven Vandelle have recently been confirmed as the support band for UFO at 3 of their upcoming UK gigs :cool1:

    Go give 'em some of your support if you can :thumbup:

    June 10th - The Junction - Cambridge
    June 23rd - The Brook - Southampton
    June 24th - Shepherds Bush Empire - London

  • The band's debut album is available from this link (yes, official link despite eBay)...


  • That's cool, David :cool:

    I ordered mine the other day, should be in the mail very soon then...

    Just noticed on their MySpace page they're booked at festival in Telfs, Austria on June 5th, 2010.

    Not much detail, but something you might want to investigate further, perhaps Medusa could get added to the same bill :huh: :cool:

  • Got it, love it - great stuff!
    If you're into serious rock music you should get this while it's still available. It's an excellent blend of good old rock with a modern sound.
    A little less compression on the final mastering would have been more of my preference, but that's the way things are being produced these days.

    Thanks for the heads up with the show next year, David, will look into that!




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