Live in Adelaide, Australia 4/23/09

  • Well...actually both Melbourne and Adelaide to be precise :) But first off, here is the set list from the Adelaide gig :cool:

    Might Just Take Your Life
    Muscle And Blood
    Sail Away
    Gettin' Tighter
    Coast To Coast
    This Time Around
    Holy Man
    Love Communion
    You Keep On Moving

    Soul Mover

    Here's a little write-up from both gigs, courtesy of Electric Mary's (support band), singer Rusty.

    Sound like he's been F U N K'd too :D :singer: :cool1:

    Pictures Courtesy: Gavin Warren

  • Well I've caught the first two shows so far, Melbourne was cool but, Adelaide was better in every way - vibe wise, crowd reaction wise, mix wise, view wise. I nearly didn't make it there, so am soooooooo glad it ended up happening.

    Glenn truly loves life, and music, and that's GOTTA rub off on you when you see him play.

    I'm so far not familiar with all of his back catalogue and therefore didn't know every single song played, but the main difference I noticed was "Dopamine" was played in Melb and not Adelaide.

    Got some cool pics from Adelaide, some vids from Melbourne, but dial up might prevent me getting the vids up.

    What a talent though. Still blown away!!!!!!!!

    One thing I liked was between the two shows he was saying how much he missed this part of the world and wants to play here more often now. At Melbourne he said "he's gonna come back", but at Adelaide "I'm gonna come back next year" which obviously was great to hear!! Any time Glenn!! :D

  • EARGASM! that is a great description for it!

    Thanks for a great review. and i love Glenn's jacket in all the pics.

    I'd love to hear Dopamine and Muscle and Blood live in June.

    I hope Glenn hasn't forgotten he promised the crowd last time that he would do I Don't Want To Live That Way Again at the Robin2 on his next visit.

    Electric Mary are on the cover cd (twice) on the June 2009 edition of Classic Rock.

    Currently listening to Electric Mary - Right Down To The Bone

    :ghcp: "It's in my blood"

  • Thanks you David for the pics and for posting Dusty's review. One more GHCP :)

    Paul, I saw this jacket for real in NYC and I can confirm it's a killer :cool:


  • Thanks to all for great reviews and vids. Never seen 'Muscle and Blood' live I,m with Wolfy would love to see it in June

  • 'This Time Around' - from THE VOICE that I loved almost immediately so many years ago.

    Pure quality ... :rose:

    And thank you to moparmav for the quality of the film :claphands

    'You thought that you could take me for granted, but I couldn't take it no more. Better run if you see me coming ... '

  • One other excellent review from the recent Adelaide, Australia show :cool:

    James McKenzie

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