Coverdale vs. JLT - WTF?!

  • This doesn't sound like JLT at all.
    But, let's face it, Coverdale's voice has been going steadily downhill.
    Do I believe he is miming ? No, but what do I know

    "if only we'd turn around and notice the door to the cell is open"

  • Coverdale is not miming. What he is doing: When he is not singing- he's turning the songs into long choruses, that are sung mostly by his band. He chips a few words here and there in. If the note is too high (and there are tons of those) He's aiming the mic at the audience. It's a sad state of affairs folks. Ya gotta admire Steve Perry- who had the sense to get the F out when his voice did and not try these kinds of shenanigans. Otherwise it would be like David is doing or what Bob Seger does: Songs dropped as much as a fifth in key and he still can't hit any high notes. Pathetic!


  • John, DC sing how he can; while his audience is pleased, everything is OK for me.
    But what disturb me and what is pathetic, it's JLT's behaviour. It’s not professional, it's hideous. I'm extremely disappointed in Joe.


  • I guess maybe JLT was reaching for a way to keep his name in the press...pity it was at the expense of David Coverdale, and his own integrity. But Coverdale's stern rebuttal put JLT in his place.


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