The Whisky April 4, 2009

  • Picked up Chip and Frank at their hotel early in the evening and headed over for a meal at Barney's Beanery. Unfortunately the place was packed with people watching a basketball game, so instead we went next door for what turned out to be an excellent sushi meal with saki, served by a very cute Korean girl. (For some reason alot of Japanese food places are Korean run in LA) Walked the 15 minutes up the hill to the Whiskey and had to sit through some pretty boring bands but ah well. Sometimes this can turn out to be a good thing but not on this night. Glenn was onstage at last about 1120, looking fit and young as always with a cool jacket and red scarf. He had his fantastic new Yamaha bass which sounded really good (I want one but it's a one off provided by Yash (artist services) in North Hollywood. I really enjoyed the Funk numbers much more than I have the album (but lately GH albums tend to click with my like a time bomb- I get into them two years later) Glenn was in fine voice as always and the show seemed more agressive vocally than the last Whiskey show (no falsetto in You've Got Soul's chorus but a scream that was closer to the record). We enjoyed Jeff's playing more this time and he seemed to fit the songs much better. Really enjoyed Steve Stephen's drumming- I'm now a huge fan- had no idea he could play like that from watching him at the Alley in Carlsbad. I'm still not an Ed fan but I do enjoy his swirling Rhodes piano sounds that fill the mix. The sound was perfect, even in front of the stage. Good setlist, almost all new songs and only three Purple numbers and Coast to Coast- which featured Glenn playing lead and rythym guitar- that was cool and sounded great! Chad Smith brought the house down during the encores of Soul Mover and Burn. Really enjoyed the night and hey- that was the best 240 dollars I ever lost (I turned down a gig to be there). Ya gotta have a life sometimes. I have some pics on my phone but I can't get my PC to recognize it so will have to try later as Im out of time. Oh and we ended the night at the Ihop across the street from Barney's sitting right near the door and had quite a good people/freak watching festival.


  • Thanks for the report John; pleased to hear the three of you managed to hook-up :cool:

    Lookin' forward to what they have to say too :D

    The full set list was:

    F U N K
    You Got Soul
    Oil And Water
    We Shall Be Free
    Coast To Coast
    Gettin' Tighter
    Love Communion
    Don't Let Me Bleed
    Steppin' On

    Soul Mover

    ...and here's a snippet of fan filmed footage featuring "Mistreated"... look closely; is that Chip I spy in front, up front? :D
    [video=Mistreated in Los Angeles, USA]74[/media]

  • Just a quick note from PHX airport. Glenn was tremendous. The band was en fuego and special guest MR Smith was phenomenal.Glenn still has the best voice in Rock, and he kicks ass on the Yamaha to boot. Great show and great time. Could use another dose right away

    "if only we'd turn around and notice the door to the cell is open"

  • That's what was so cool about NY. We got that second dose the next night!

    Glad you guys had a good time out there. The show is smokin hot right now!! But I don't need to explain that now that you've seen it first hand.

  • This show was just simply as good as it gets. THE Voice was the best I have ever heard live from Glenn and just about anyone else in my concert going life.
    The place had wonderful sound and the whole crowd was really into the whole night. As John said, the warm up acts were basically crap, but who cares when the man is going to close the night.
    Two thousand miles, fourteen hours in a car, traffic jams and no sleep plus Glenn Hughes made this a perfect weekend. WOuld do it again tomorrow (Though Chip may not want to do all that driving).
    I am still ecstatic and am blabbing to anyone who will listen !!!
    Would have liked to be in NY, that is my home; but LA was just fine.
    Glenn, when you say you are playing more USA shows in the future, I hope you mean the NEAR future.

    "if only we'd turn around and notice the door to the cell is open"

  • Great words Frank. I was doing a dragnet style report but there's not enough good words in it. It's so difficult to put into words- how good this show was and how inspiring. I almost started crying during Mistreated. I had goosebumps more than once during the show and it's always so cool to exchange smiles with GH as he recognizes me and see him acknowledge several fans that he also knows.. I am filled with the love and inspiration that Glenn gave us all on Saturday night...What an experience, what a man, what a voice- jesus it's all so fricking awesome. Life is good. I could only dream of nights like this when I was stuck on a ship listening to the Way it Is ten years ago. (and back then I did actually dream alot that I was watching GH live) Wow.


  • ... look closely; is that Chip I spy in front,

    Yeah, that's me. I have no idea how you noticed that, I'm not sure I would have even noticed.

    Sorry for the tardiness of my post, but I'm having some problems with the few photos I took and a couple of videos I managed to sneak before getting busted by security. I'll post them later.

    As has been said before, it was a fantastic show. I told Glenn that it was possibly the best performance of his that I've ever seen. He said that he thought I looked mesmerized :lol: I guess I was. It's not that Glenn has ever put on a bad performance, it's just that this one for some reason was at another level. I've been asked before what my favorite GH show ever was and I never had a good answer...until now.

    Thank you John for providing the local transportation for myself and Frank. It's always a pleasure hooking up with you whenever I'm in L.A. Was it really a coincidence that we parked right in front of a medical marijuana shop? ;)

    Thank you Frank for being my traveling buddy for this chapter of the Roadshow, the hotel, the food, the sake, the food, the company, the food. Did I mention the food? You don't go hungry hanging with Uncle Frank.

    Thank you Glenn for assembling a great band and putting on a great show. I don't care what a certain magazine says, you're the true Voice Of Rock :bow: It even said so on the sign outside of the Whisky, so it must be true :)

  • It was an amazing show, with an amazing band; Glenn HAS to record with Steve Stephens on the next album! What a drummer!!!

    Very nice to talk with Chip, albeit briefly, I was very much under the weather so not as social as I might have been otherwise, but it was nice to see an old "friend" just the same.

    In any case, I have to agree that Jeff Kollman did a magnificent job this time out - his playing was nothing short of perfect; so much more of a better fit than last time.

    As for Glenn, all I can say is that I was floored by the vibrance, the energy and the pure musicianship that was on display. Amazing! If the singer thing doesn't work out, he'll do very well as a bass player I think...;)

    -Marc Fevre

  • Yeah I have to say that this band has really jelled! They were very tight and yes Jeff and Steve have most definitely found their groove here. It was simply amazing how good they sounded.

    I wouldn't mind a bit if this was the band for Glenn on a permanent basis. You'd be hard pressed to find such a complete package out there right now.

    But the whole thing was on another level this time for sure! The voice, the fun they all were having, the sound, the playing. All of it was as good as it gets in every way.

  • I forgot to mention in my earlier post, that yes, I did see Marc at the show and chatted briefly. I hadn't seen Marc since the DVD shoot a few years ago.

    There were several celebrities in the audience, but the biggest one there I had the pleasure of talking to was our very own Satan (Howie) :D

  • Oh gosh- now I realize it was you sitting in front of me upstairs Mark...I knew Id seen you somewhere GH related and that you were one of us from here...just wasn't sure who u were.

  • Hey John,

    No big! In truth, I was so tired and out of it I was barely there if you know what I mean.

    Still, Glenn & Co. cut right through the fog as soon as they hit the first note, so all was well at the end!

    "Another time, Highlander!"


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