Varvatos, New York City, USA March 2009

  • For those of you lucky enough to have seen him this weekend you know how great it was to see Glenn. The Highline Ballroom show though a little short with the curfew did not stop Glenn from having a good time. The show last night was even better, smaller crowd, longer set and close up and personal. You could not have asked for anything better unless it had been a Friday night and you didn't have to go to work today.....Keep on rockin Glenn and thanks for the shows.....hope to see you soon

  • Here are a few shots from the second show...I was really close but the lighting wasn't really conducive to photography. The two guys in front of me were my height so I had to bob and weave around their melons to get a shot....I also moved a bit to let the young lady standing next to me to get a better sightline as she stood about five foot one or so...

    Without further ado...

  • We adjourned to an Irish Pub across the street from the boutique after the show for a few pints and laughter....Jeff Kollman and Mike Moore stopped in for a few as well..We closed the pub down and I walked back up the block and grabbed the subway back to Kew Gardens...walked in the door at 0330!

  • Wow, I'm still buzzing from my "Glenn Hughes Fantasy Camp" weekend in NYC!! :)

    Capt. Midnite, I was standing maybe four feet to your right at the Varvatos gig ( I was the completely bald guy with the excessively untrimmed goatee :lol: ). It was simply amazing to be that close to a living legend weaving his magic spell. I've been fortunate that way before with guys like Uli Roth and Frank Marino, but I never thought I'd get to see GH that close-up.

    I can only echo everyone else's comments about these wonderful shows. Glenn has himself a heck of a band, eh? And if you haven't ever attended a GH show, you must do whatever is necessary to do so. The albums are great, but they pale in comparison to how good a singer and performer he is in person.

    He said something during last night's encore about the cops showing up--a Varvatos employee told me afterward that the show went too late and was too loud for somebody, apparently. Now THAT is rock'n'roll, baby! :thumbup:

  • *imitating Mrs. Borg*

    "I'm calling the police...they'll be here shortly..."

    How appropriate ;)

    Hey Profusion, I guess that would have put that young lady between us...I did shift over a bit so she could see...I was only closer to Glenn when I shook his hand! That is way too cool to experience Glenn up close like that!

    There was one dude that I have seen at numerous NY shows; he was the real tall guy with the long curly hair camped out in front of Jeff. He doing some serious head banging and if I were a chiropractor I would make a fortune off him!

    Great times indeed! :thumbup: :cool:

    Yours In The Funk
    Bill "Capt. Midnite" Redford


    "Cause if you fake the FUNK..your nose got to grow!" Bootsy Collins

  • I didn't get to the Highline but was at the Varvatos concert and can describe it with one word AMAZING! First time I've gotten to see Glenn and it was one of the best concerts I have been to for any price. It was energetic and fresh the band was fantastic (I especially enjoyed Steve Stephens drumming). I'm a lover of all things Purple even Blackmore's Night. It took me almost ten years to finally check them out and found that performance also very entertaining. The last time I saw Purple on the neverending Rapture tour in NY at Radio City I hate to say was somewhat boring. While it was good it was the same old, same old seemingly going thru the motions but Glenn really rocked and funked out last night the boy unlike many of his contemporary '20 somethings' as he reffered to himself still has a great set of pipes. Plus I really like the mix of styles on his recent albums.

    Oh and he says he's coming back next year! WOO HOO!!!

  • ....I also moved a bit to let the young lady standing next to me to get a better sightline as she stood about five foot one or so...

    And the "young lady," (me), thanks you very much for that! :clapper: It is always nice to meet someone who appreciates the fact that those of us who are, um, "vertically challenged" are often staring at someone's back for an enitre show!

    I see that you are in Kew Gardens -- what a coincidence! I'm in Forest Hills...

    Both shows in NYC were fabulous. Glenn needs to hurry back to NYC :)


  • Ha ... Profusion, I was right behind you (and the British guy) on line Sunday night, with my girlfriend.

    Looking at some of the photos after the fact, I was also sitting (again with my gf) at the almost empty bar right next to a group other GHPG er's at the Chelsea Brewing Company on Saturday night.

    I kind of thought that some of the group were from here at that time, but my Social Anxiety Disorder got the best of me, so I just sipped my pint.

  • Just got back to the computer!

    What a weekend! One of the best ever!

    The shows were stunning to say the least. Just amazing :bow:

    I'll post a more detailed review when I get caught up here.

    It was awesome to see all my friends from all over the globe. What a great bunch of souls :)

    Glenn, thanks for the incredible performance!! No words for it man :claphands

  • Ha ... Profusion, I was right behind you (and the British guy) on line Sunday night, with my girlfriend.

    Cool! The English guy, Jason, is a young singer/songwriter who is over in the USA doing some shows of his own in various cities. He was totally blown away by Glenn's performance. He said he was in NYC for awhile and had been catching a bunch of shows that looked interesting--I think he was only vaguely familiar with Glenn before the show.

    As I told Jason, Glenn looks, sounds and performs like he's 20 years younger than any of the other old Purple guys. He totally fits in with his younger bandmates. He may not be a '20-something', but he performs with the energy of one.

  • Yes totally blown away would be one way to describe it!

    I've seen him twice before this weekend and I was floored as well.

    He was better than the last time and that was incredible. His voice Sunday night was beyond words.

    Yes I do think that Glenn has a little bit of the forever young thing going on! Age surely isn't a factor with him. I wasn't totally sure why I chose that name but I am now ;)

  • Bonjour everyone !!!

    The Frenchies have landed this morning at 8.20 local time (6 hours ahead of NYC...).

    It was indeed an amazing week end with all the GHCP family members. We are ready to come back whenever you want :thumbup:

    Bill, thank you for posting your pictures, they are great. But If I may, I think I need a little bit of photoshop on the one with Jerome...I look like if I were 60 years old :lol: (no I'm not...)

    Thanks everyone for the great time we spent all together and of course a big thank you to Glenn.

    Cheers from the rainy riviera !

    Nath & Jerome


  • Good to see that you guys made it back safe and sound.

    Can't wait to see you two again!

    Oh and no, you don't look anywhere near 60! No worries on that!

  • Hi All,

    As we all scatter back around the globe.... I confirm the Grimsby 'HughesHeads' are safely back home in the UK.

    It was great to see you all again and meet some new friends along the way.

    Until we meet again at the 'Temple Of Glenn' take care and see you all soon,

    Mikey & Penny D

  • Not sure I have the words to describe the weekend.
    I was front table at Highline, and front row at Varvatos.
    I must be dreaming! lol

    I brought my good camera to the Sunday gig... and nobody official had a problem so I shot 500 shots! lol

    Still looking through the shoot, but I've got it down to 300. lol

    David the webmaster tossed me his card, so I hope to get a few of the best shots his way soon.
    They are truly unbelievable... up close and personal.

  • You can now watch a few videos from the gig hosted by John Varvatos at Varvatos - 315 Bowery in New York City, New York, USA over in the Video section of the Picture Gallery the images to view each song :cool:



    "Coast To Coast"

    "Steppin' On"

    "Superstar" ("Soul Mover" outro)

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