• i'd love to but havn't got any answer on the RSVP!
    what should i do? i HAVE to be there! :p
    where is this anyway? should i come there even though i havn't been answered?

  • Due to an unexpected turn of events I will not be able to return to the city tonight for the private show. I am really disappointed that I can not attend but I am hoping that some of you document the event so I can see what it was like. Take lots of photos & video please.

    I am going to reply to my confirmation email to let them know I won't be coming in hopes that they read it and can let someone else go in my place. It would be nice to know that somebody got the opportunity for this ultra cool event.

    Have a great time everyone, I can't wait to read your posts and see you photos, etc.

  • mgns,

    My brother was coming with me and now has bailed.
    Don't know if you would be able to use his e-mail but I could bring it with me and meet you outside before.
    From what I understand they just put your name on a list.

  • David,

    Thanks for putting up all of the photos and videos from the recent shows. You do a spectacular job here on the web site :claphands

    Keep em' coming...


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