Classic Rock May09 - 50 Greatest Singers

  • You may recall that Classic Rock had an online thing for you to vote for the Voice of Rock. Well, the May 2009 edition has the "50 Greatest Singers In Rock". Although, bizarrely, only the top 30 appear in the magazine and they tell you to visit their website for the rest! but i couldnt find any mention of anything :huh: :mad: :rolleyes:

    the list was compiled by "votes cast online, CR critics, and some singers" :confused:

    "the emphasis had to be on consumate vocal ability rather than crowd pleasing mic stand twirling antics."

    Here's the Top 30

    1. Freddie Mercury
    2. Paul Rodgers
    3. Robert Plant
    4. Steve Marriot
    5. Rod Stewart
    6. Ian Gillan
    7. Ronnie Dio
    8. Sammy Hagar
    9. Steve Perry
    10. Janis Joplin
    11. Noddy Holder
    12. Steven Tyler
    13. Roger Daltry
    14. Meat Loaf
    15. David Coverdale
    16. Paul Stanley
    17. Jonh Lennon
    18. Ann Wilson
    19. Layne Staley
    20. Steve Winwood
    21.Chris Robinson
    22. Jim Morrison
    23. Robin Zander
    24. Glenn Hughes
    25. Danny Bowes
    26. Steven Wilson
    27. Brian Connolly
    28. Phil Mogg
    29. Lou Gramm
    30. James Hetfield


    :ghcp: "It's in my blood"

  • Two names make this list a joke: Janis Joplin and Noddy Holder. Make that three...Rod Stewart. They're great at what they do, but what they do best is not singing. Certainly not well enough to be ranked in the top ten (or eleven). Not by a long shot.


  • Paul Stanley, Alice Cooper, John Lennon. The list is endless. What a load of rubbish.

    Freddy, Ronnie, Ian G [even if he does slag Glenn], DC all deserve to be here but most are codswallop!


  • I must say I'm glad to see Lou Gramm in there, I saw him live with Foreigner back in the early 90's before his brain tumor and he was f*ckn awesome!! one of the greats! :clapper:

  • the only 2 people that i see ahead of Glenn on this list that are / were even compairable singers to G. , in my opinion are Freddie Mercury and Ann Wilson. Some of the other people on the list certainly are / were good vocalist for their bands, but when you actually see Glenn sing, you know that almost no one can compair.

  • I covered my eyes when I heard about this coming out. I don't buy the damn thing any more and feel all the happier without it. I won't do my usual ramble, but basically this is irresponsible and unprofessional journalism. I don't care if Deaf Barton has the Pulitzer Prize (which he hasn't), you have to have the courage to stick to your guns and let the people have their say. A poll is a poll is a POLL.

    From a personal and PRofessional point of view, I am sick to the back teeth of Classic Shock's shoddy attitude to Glenn. Forgetting to put our paid ad in for the UK tour last year, allowing Gillian's bitchy schoolgirl jibes to go unchecked by any of us in Glenn's camp here, and now this latest shite.

    Stick the likes of Holder, Stanley, Plant, Gillian, Zander and Glenn on a stage near you in 2009 and who would be last man standing? Glenn could fart better. Ok that's me done...for now

  • This list is a complete joke :eek:
    People like Rod Stewart,Joplin,Holder,Daltry
    Stanley,Lennon,Robinson,Morrison & Hetfield
    should not even be on the list as far as good rock singers.
    Most of them can hardly carry a tune for petes sake :confused:
    Just because some of them were great song writers or performers has little to do with wether they can sing or not.
    Glenn is by far a better singer than most of them :bow:
    Galleyfan :)


  • Sorry Todd just wind up time there ;) and I did qualify it by the schoolgirl jest. Maybe I should have stuck to Sinbad.

    Yes I totally agree about John Wetton. Fantastic talent, great voice, songwriter but like, Glenn suffers from the affliction of strapping a bass to himself and he even has the cheek to play it well! So he can't be a good singer too can he? Jack Bruce? And where is Chris Cornell? Are classic rock journalists/fans still stuck in such a time warp that they can't recognise 1) new talent or 2) established talent that produces new quality material?

  • Quote

    I don't care if Deaf Barton has the Pulitzer Prize (which he hasn't), you have to have the courage to stick to your guns and let the people have their say. A poll is a poll is a POLL.

    Well said Keith!

  • These stupid polls are the equivalent of racing ones like who was the best F1 Driver. Total wastes of time, just like that dumb hall of shame in Cleveland.


  • This is really bad. Where is Bernie Shaw ?? Where is David Byron ?? How is Glenn Hughes #24, hell, he should be rated above that if you are including opera singers in the mix. Will never get it, but, what do I know.

    "if only we'd turn around and notice the door to the cell is open"

  • In the thread that was started about this on-line poll, I believe I stated in my first post that this would end up being a bullshit poll and they wouldn't use whoever ended up with the most votes. Award shows, Halls of Fame, and polls, they are all worthless crap.


  • Just got my issue in the mail yesterday. Amazing that Queen made the cover. Again. Next month must be Guns N Roses' turn. Again. The next three issues after those should, by my calculations, be Hendrix, Thin Lizzy and Pink Floyd. Again. Then it's back to Queen. Again.

    Cheers...Todd. Again.

  • I'm sorry that you lost your citizenship.
    Living in a Conestoga wagon can't be much fun.




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