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  • Here is a question for all of you who are familiar with the NYC and New Jersey area. I am travelling in for Glenn's gig this coming weekend, and I wanted to know if there are any cool record/cd shops that are worth seeking out and paying a visit ? I know in this day an age record stores are a dying breed, but I thought I would ask. I am going to be in New Jersey and in the city as well.

    Any suggestions would be welcome. I am always looking for cool stores that carry imports, rock and metal.



  • every time that i go to NY (including next weekend), i go to Bleaker Street Records. it's on Bleaker St. i take the "N" or the "R" to 8th st. , cut through Washington square park and i usually find Bleaker st. w/out much hassle. i think you go down Sutherland st (?) and that crosses Bleaker St., go right on Bleaker and it's not too far down on the right. They have a sign hanging on the front of the store. They also have a sister store a few blocks away from that. they can give you directions. i've been there too, but don't exactly remember how to get there. the 2nd store carries a little heavier music if i remember correctly, but definently check out the Bleaker st. location if you get down into the village area. then, there's always the Virgin super store @ time square. i'm sure that i'm going to Bleaker st. if you wanna hook up, message me and i'll give you my #. i'll be in town Fri.-Sun. (leaving Mon. morning)

  • purple, I love you.

    But the street is spelled Bleecker Street.
    (I grew up in the West Village on Downing Street,
    located between Varick and Bleecker.......and Carmine
    and West Houston. So I kinda' know the area.)

    Poor "Pat the tourist" would go slightly crazy trying to do a Map Quest.
    (smithy55 ~ If you print up a Glenn Hughes discography, and carry it with you at all times,
    you'll at least know what you're looking for. Uhhh....it's a long list!)

    Real record stores in Jersey? You betcha' :)

    Zig Zag Records ~ (Make sure that you tell Phil di Benedetto that you're a GHCP!)
    East Pointe Plaza
    State Highway Route 36
    Atlantic Highlands, New Jersey 07716
    fax: 1-732-708-1820

    Vintage Vinyl ~
    51 Lafayette Road (parallel to Route 1 North)
    Fords, New Jersey 08863
    fax: 1-732-225-6948

    Sound Exchange ~
    1482 Route 23 North (2 miles north of the Willowbrook Mall)
    Wayne, New Jersey 07470

    PS..........I THINK.....that the Times Square Virgin Megastore has closed :(


  • Yes indeed, the Virgin store in Times Square is indeed out of business; I saw an ad in the Voice for the closing liquidation and did pay a visit; think of a turkey 3 days after Thanksgiving and you get an idea of what the inventory was like..I walked out empty handed.

    I will have to take a trip down to Bleeker Street Records and a journey to Zig Zag Records will have to be put in the cards too. The only places on Long Island that I know of are the two Mister Cheapo stores; one in Commack and the original store in Mineola.

    Yours In The Funk
    Bill "Capt. Midnite" Redford



    "Cause if you fake the FUNK..your nose got to grow!" Bootsy Collins

  • Thanks for all the suggestions. I think I will check out the stores Grace has suggested in NJ. I was in NYC for Glenn's 2007 BB King's gig and I hit some stores in the village, and I wasn't too impressed. Lots of vinyl, but not much of what I was hoping to find.

    Thanks again and I am sure the show will be amazing....

    I hope Glenn will do a meet and greet afterward.


  • I used to work right around the corner from Sound Exchange. That is a great little store. I got most of my Glenn stuff there.

    Grace is the one who informed me that I was like a mile away from the place. From then on I was over there on my lunch break at least 2 days a week.

  • Rather than cruisin' around Jersey, lost and confused ~
    (we like to hassle tourists with out-of-state license plates :lol: )
    might I suggest that you fax them first to see if they have what you want,
    or walk in with your list, wave it around, and say "Whaddyagot Glenn Hughes?"

    Send a "wish-list" fax to Sound Exchange.
    It's a very small store in a strip mall, and Art, the owner has a unique method
    of filing CDs. You need to know your rock family trees. Jon Lord, Tommy Bolin,
    and evil Ian Gillan are under "Rainbow." If you want anything "Vandenberg" or the "3 M's," for example,
    it's under "Whitesnake." You're better off telling them what you want. They'll probably
    have it; you just won't know where they put it. And they have a lot of used CDs,
    rock group books, and cassette tapes. Glenn has his own small section, under "Hughes."

    Don't be fooled by the name Vintage Vinyl.
    They've got a gazillion CDs, besides vinyl albums and records. But their filing system
    is unique, too. DP is not filed under "Rock." You need "The Classic Rock" section.
    And Trapeze is filed under "Alternative." (Alternative to what? I have no clue.)
    I can't even begin to remember where they have the "Tangerine Dream" stuff.
    I have to ask them to remind me where TD is, each time that I go there. Ha, ha.
    This place is the biggest store of the 3. Send them a fax, too.

    Call up Phil at Zig Zag Records......PERSONALLY.
    Somehow try to work Glenn's Black Sabbath appearance at the Meadowlands,
    in Jersey, into the conversation. Phil was there. He might then be able to figure out
    that "Grace sent you." :lol: But he does have a Glenn Hughes autograph, made out
    to him personally, proudly displayed and framed, and hanging on the center of the wall
    right behing the cash register counter. Phil also has 331/3 record albums, and lots of
    rock memorabilia. Like "KISS" dolls..........uh, I mean action figures.
    Zig Zag is my favorite, because Phil tries to find, whatever is impossible to get.
    Glenn should personally call up Phil.........for those hard-to-find Glenn Hughes CDs.

    I hope that this information helps, oh Ohio person.
    My husband was from the Youngstown, Poland, Boardman area.

    FY ~
    Sound Exchange is such a small store, and set so far back from the road that it's very
    easy to miss as you drive by. And try to have 2 people pass each other in the aisle.


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