For halfordvai ~

  • I thought you might enjoy this music ~

    I'm watching the Korean version of Hana Yori Dango on my TV,
    and can't wait until I get the OST (Original Sound Track) of the show.
    Then I'm going to try to watch the Japanese version online.

    .........and do I even need to add what kind of cover our boy could make of this?



  • thanks for this beautiful piano instrumental song~grace~;) :claphands

    korean version drama hana yori dango is very popular drama in korea (now)

    and many girs loves this drama...but i don't care........ not my style...haha...:D :D :D

  • halfordvai ~ glad that you enjoyed (Because I'm stupid) - "Waiting for You."
    I also love "Almost Paradise."
    And "Stand by Me" and................

    There's an awful lot of great music by different artists on this series,
    and being me, I enjoy the snappy banjo and xylophone music added
    at the funny parts of each episode, and the funny sound effects.
    GHCP Tony in Japan could probably explain this perfectly,
    but here goes my version;

    Todd ~ as you know, I am totally conversant in both
    the Korean :huh: and the Japanese languages :huh:

    As far as I can figure out, there was/ is a comic book series for teens,
    that started in Japan. Called "Hana Yori Dango" it translates to
    (choosing) boys over flowers, or boys before flowers. (???)

    Anyway......there are four guys whose families are very rich. The F4.
    On scholarship to their school is Jandi, whose father runs a dry-cleaning shop.
    No millions from her family background.
    So this is basically a tough cookie Cinderella, versus the 4 spoiled rich guys.

    This series was first broadcast in Japan, then a second series was made for Taiwan,
    and now thanks to the third version made in Korea, (with thank God, English sub-titles)
    and to WMBC, broadcasting out of Newton, New Jersey, this series shows up on my TV.

    This may not be halfordvai's style, because he's not a teen-age girl :lol:
    But it is a very funny, sometimes very serious, 24 episode series.
    And the Korean version has done a great job of adding music from different artists.
    There's a small scene at a golf course where music has been added (hard to explain)
    of the aforementioned banjo and xylophone variety, that adds to the laughter.
    And as you can tell with just the piano video, this music ain't too shabby none.

    Can I imagine Glenn (Mr. International World Traveler) Hughes singing this song?
    You betcha'.

    I found the Original Sound Track version of the above piano solo;
    eventually there are some English lyrics in this song.



  • I contacted out of Los Angeles, USA,
    and got both Volume 1 and 2, of the sound track for this series.
    This is a great site for Korean and English-translated stuff....books, CDs, DVDs.
    They'll ship anyplace in the world, too. Even to Korea. Ha, ha.
    I'm gonna' need a ton of money when "Dae Jo Young" comes out.
    138 Episodes.....somehow I don't think it will fit on one DVD.

    For anybody interested in adding 2 CDs to their international music collection,
    from various artists, I definitly recommend the "Boys Before Flowers" OSTs.

    This 25 episode series may not appeal to you, since you're not a teen-age girl :lol:
    But the story line quickly shifts from just a story about a bunch of spoiled rich kids,
    into the lonliness of only having money in their lives.
    And the evil mother of the Shinwa Group, alone, is worth watching this series :eek:

    Watch..........and you'll get what I mean.



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