Stormbringer No. 2 on BBC Rock chart!

  • The recently released 35th Anniversary remaster of Deep Purple's "Stormbringer" has entered straight in at No. 2 on the UK's BBC rock chart :cool:

    Now we know Glenn did an awesome job on the remixes, so hopefully that had something to do with it :) Congratulations to Simon Robinson and everyone at dpas, they did a fantastic job on this one.

  • "Stormbringer" has entered straight in at No. 2 on the UK's BBC rock chart seems as though there are lots of people who remember and love
    the Mk3 line-up, huh?

    Then the five gentlemen in question had better be prepared to listen
    to an awful lot of whining for (if a world tour proves impossible to schedule,
    then at least).......a DP Mk3, one-time only, charity benefit, reunion concert.

    And not all of the complaining, only coming from the Glenn Hughes Crazy People?
    Heh, heh, heh.



  • Great music never goes out of style, eh?

    As for a Mk III reunion, I suspect getting Ritchie Blackmore out of his ren-faire shtick would be pretty difficult. He's pretty much married into it, now ;)

    Anyway, remember what happened the last time Glenn mused about that? He probably doesn't want to bring up the subject again anytime soon :lol:

    Anybody have this release yet? I've got a Japanese mini-sleeve edition of Stormbringer with great sound, so I'm not necessarily in a hurry to buy the album again for the 5th time or whatever it is now.

  • There's seems to be no trace of this remaster from any online outlets here in the US, (even as a standard 17 dollar import) so I guess I'm stuck ordering it from Amazon UK and paying british pounds shipping too :(

  • I always liked this lineup of Deep Purple.

    I really like Made In Europe although it's too short.

    Always felt that Mr Coverdale didn't really like sharing the vocal duties.

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