Trapeze Question - Album Name

  • Hi there,

    Yep, this album exists and it's HOT WIRE (I have the LP not the CD: Warner Bros K56064 England, 1974)

    Glenn does NOT sing or play on this album.

    Band line-up:
    Melville Galley - guitar & vocals
    Bob Kendrick - guitar
    Pete Wright - Bass
    Dave Holland - Drums

    Tracks (all Trapeze originals):
    - Back street love
    - Take it on down the road
    - Midnight flyer
    - Wake up, shake up
    - Turn it on
    - Steal a mile
    - Goin' home
    - Feel it inside

    Some of the tracks have one time Trapeze member Terry Rowley on keyboards.

    On later incarnations of Trapeze (in the Nineties) Glenn did perform Midnight Flyer and Feel it inside with them.

  • Memory being what it is. I need a new stick or two. ;)
    My 'real' experience with Trapeze...
    I was on the road crew the night they played here. Met Glenn and Mel... Helped the soundman that night. Hughes equipment still had Deep Purple stamped on it. (Yep, their re-formed attempt just after DP broke up) Great show. No special effects. Just turn it up and listen... Took pics that night. Gonna have to get a scanner and send them one day.

  • Hey man!
    I was at the Trapeze show in Arlington , Texas after Glenn left DP.Awesome show! I would relly dig seeing ANY pics you have of any Tex shows..also any gear info relating to Glenns rig at the time..( I'm a gearhead ) Thanks
    billy on bass :cool:

  • Sorry, don't have access to a scanner... But one of these days... Went and dug out the pics though. Apparently I loaned out the 'negatives' to someone years ago. Not sure if these pics would even work on a scanner. They're that 'rough' looking screen (mat) format. Sorta shiny but blurry. ;) Anyway, Glenn was wearing a thin, white long sleeved shirt. Kind of like a renaissance style. About half way through the concert he lost it. He played the Fender most of the night. Only a couple of songs did he use the Rick. His voice wasn't great that night. He'd just gotten over the flu. The amp rig I'm not sure about. But the speaker boxes were strange in my knowledge of speakers. A small, square box where the speaker itself sits with a '\_/' shape box coming out about 18 inches or so. Two stacks of these. Must have been 12 of them. This is almost 30 years ago and a bunch of concerts have come and gone since then ;)


    Sorry I don't have more info.

  • Thanks for sharing the story Teddybear.
    Good reading. Oh, and I hope you
    will be able to dig up those photo's
    one day!


    - Fedor

  • Thanks for the memory trip..Glenn used ( I wish I knew more exactly ) these cool bass speakers that were loaded into some sort of "horn " shaped cabinets..huge stacks of them in DP and what he apparently used that night..with two Hiwatt 200 tube amps..what a monster tone! ..I agree, his voice was not his best...but he did this thing of starting on a faily low note and gradually rising to a screamingly high pitch and then that marvelous vibrato!...He did that several times which was well worth the price of admission..I was there with the keyboard player in our band ...we looked at each other speechless everytime he did in the WORLD could somebody sing like that! I also remember he did play his beloved Fender-PBass..the same one I had seen him use years earlier when Trapeze played in Dallas in '72
    Thanks, man
    billy ;)

  • Hi everyone at last i have found you!!!!

    I have searched 4 years to find other trapeze fanatics

    I have lots to share with everyone as I worked for the band for a long time in the uk and was best mates with dave before university.

    Internet is very new to me so please bare with me and help me

    Was actually present during Play me Out was recorded and rehearsed and also Hold on. Got lots of memories and know a little bit?

    Would like to chat with any one who was present to witness the greatest rock and boogie band ever with the greatest rock VOICE ever

    As the Tubes said "talk to ya later"

  • aboard Steve!

    We look forward to you sharing your memories and hopefully some of your memorabilia.

    But you'll need to provide a valid email address in order to access some of the Forums as a Registered Member. Your Registration confirmation email is bouncing back because the email provider your gave, says your account doesn't exist there.

    Anyway, hope to hear from you soon.

  • Hi all
    Yeah,I know this topic started a while ago but....since the Hot Wire album was mentioned,does anyone know where I can track down the CD?
    I have the LP and various live tracks from the album but would like the studio versions.

  • Hi David
    Thanks for the really helpful speedy reply!!
    Now I can look elsewhere other than EBay , Amazon,etc.

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